Human being is speculative in nature from the beginning. In every "AGE" it has been reflected in its behaviour and in current era also it is reflected in every aspect. The stock market is a place of manipulation and speculation and we need to take advantage of this situation. This is exactly what we intend to do in this segment.

What is futures – It's a contract to Buy or Sell the stock in future at a specific price. As this is a contract, we are not actually buying or selling the stock right now, therefore we don't have to pay total trade amount. We have to pay only the margin money which is decided by the exchanges and their intermediateries. Let's understand this with one example

  • I want to Buy 1000 shares of Wipro Ltd.
  • Share Price of Wipro Ltd is Rs. 500
  • My target is Rs. 600

Now I have two segments to trade this view – Cash Segment where I buy actual shares by paying full amount and another is Futures Market where I buy the same number of shares with only 15% amount

Segment No of Shares Price Total Investment Profit if target is reached % Returns
Cash Segment 1000 500 500000 100000 20%
Futures 1000 500 75000 100000 133%

So, in futures segment, our ROI is more when compared to Cash Market. But one needs to understand that risk is also involved as this position is a leveraged position.

We also know that markets are driven by big players with financial power. These big players or HNIs invest huge amount of money in the markets, but while investing they take the advantage of derivative segment to multiply their profits. Let’s understand the gimmick

If HNIs wants to buy few lakhs of shares in the cash market, then they would create a selling pressure first to take the prices down and then start accumulating at the lower levels. At the same time they will also BUY the stock futures as well as Options. Now this activity can be seen in “Derivative Data”. After they buy in the derivatives segment, they start buying heavily in the cash markets and start taking the prices to higher levels which in turn becomes a huge profit in the derivative segment. These opportunities can be identified by understanding the Derivative Data points. So we have developed a strategy for futures by using this derivative data which is generating decent returns per quarter. This strategy is not an intraday strategy but a positional strategy, but one needs to be very alert as the BUY or SELL signal can be generated at any point of time during market hours.

We have been trading & testing this strategy and it has been observed that at least 3 months are required to deliver good returns. You can check the performance of this trading strategy below by clicking on the Button -Performance

How to Use

  • You will receive notification in our Mobile App and also a text message through SMS.
  • Open website – or mobile app
  • Click on Login Tab
  • Type your user name & password
  • List of Product will open
  • Click on PIS Futures
  • Following table will open
Sr No Stock Symbol View Contract Month Reco Date Reco Time Rate Lot Size Sq off Date Sq off Time Sq off Rate Gain / Loss in Points Gain / Loss in Rs. Remarks
1 Nifty Short Near 27-Mar-17 9.40am 9090 75 Hold
2 Axis Bank Long Near 03-Apr-17 11.15am 21115 40 Fresh Position
3 Axis Bank Long Near 11-Jan-17 9.18am 449.8 1200 12-Jan-17 12.59 456.25 6.45 7740 Closed