Analysis based on evidence and reasoning!!!

Exciting News for TRADERS!



  • No prior knowledge about stock market / trading is required to attend this workshop
  • This workshop will be conducted during live market hours for 2 days.
  • We will display and prove to you how profits can be made with least of efforts.
  • You can trade for yourself during the workshop and make profit.
  • We are the First to conduct workshop during live market hours on a large scale.
  • This workshop will generate regular monthly income.
  • Not necessary to buy any software.
  • Free* Signals can be availed.
  • You can trade even while you are working. However, you should have access to your mobile during market hours. Hence you should take a leave from your work and attend this workshop.

Therefore, if you are really interested in becoming a serious trader, continue reading further.

This news will not only enable all traders to minimize their risks but to make profitable trades consistently and that too with thriving success!

It all started with a simple rational that everyone needs Income & Wealth. The first one is required to deal with recurring expenses and later is required to create prosperity. So far, we have campaigned to focus only on INVESTING to generate enormous Wealth. We believed that everyone should focus their current profession for regular Income. The rule of INVESTING doesn’t allow any profit to be taken home but it advocates to keep on INVESTING for a long horizon. For the people who are active in stock markets, for the people who seek career in stock markets, there has to be an Income to be generated at regular intervals that can be taken home. TRADING is the only option that can generate Income at regular intervals.

In our markets, the Derivative segment turnover is far more than 96% to its total turnover suggesting TRADING activity in today’s market is massive. TRADING is fascinating, it gives cash flow at regular intervals. Hence, thorough our ongoing research of long years, we have brought a TRADING SYSTEM with verified success ratio.

A simple scrutiny of the world’s top traders who made millions by trading, reveals a simple memorandum that most of them used some system to make profits. Whenever they used system they made money and whenever they were out of system they lost big money. Most of their systems were based on Technical analysis. Most of their systems are documented in books however no one other made equal money using those same systems. That means, the systems they used had an edge in that time. The key takeaway from their story is that we should also use a Technical Analysis System that has an edge over current time.

We have developed a system and it is called as "INFERENCE TRADING SYSTEM". "Inference" means a conclusion made on evidence and reasoning. By forming such a system we are weeding out any possibility of taking decision on hunches, rather we would follow a simple set of evidences to take our conclusions.


  • INFERENCE TRADING SYSTEM is perhaps the most simple way to actually mint money with disciplined approach, proper money management and minimum rules. Our developed system is being taught in two full day of a revolutionary workshop. And after our workshop one can even avail FREE SIGNALS* which will be provided through a mobile phone app.

  • Read the terms and conditions for FREE SIGNALS* below schedule table


  • Types of Analysis
  • History of Dow Theory
  • Price & price elements
  • Types of Charts
  • Trend Analysis
  • History of world’s best traders
  • Requirement of a Winning system
  • Indicator Basics


  • Indicators & Parameters with an edge
  • Trend Following System
  • Momentum catching System
  • Money management
  • Options to start minting money
  • Uniqueness of Trading & Investing
  • Opportunities for you


Batch No. City From Date To Date Trainer Venue Charges Registration url Offers
22 Delhi 19-Sep-2019 20-Sep-2019 Mr. Ashish Kelkar
Mr. Ashish Kelkar
Hotel Hans Plaza, Barakhamba Road, Cannaught Place, Delhi - 110001. 17000 + 18%GST Register Now Early Bird Discount of Rs.2000/- till 12th Sept.2019
21 Mumbai 26-Sep-2019 27-Sep-2019 Mr. Ashish Kelkar
Mr. Ashish Kelkar
Hotel VITS, Andheri Kurla Road, International Airport Zone, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059. 17000 + 18%GST Register Now Early Bird Discount of Rs.2000/- till 19th Sept.2019
19 Surat 29-Sep-2019 30-Sep-2019 Mr. Jignesh Mehta
Mr. Jignesh Mehta
To be decided 17000 + 18%GST Register Now Early Bird Discount of Rs.2000/- till 22nd Sept.2019
25 Ahmedabad 13-Oct-2019 14-Oct-2019 Mr. Jignesh Mehta
Mr. Jignesh Mehta
Prasang Presidency, R.C.T.I College Road, Opposite Unique City Homes, Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380061. 17000 + 18%GST Register Now Early Bird Discount of Rs.2000/- till 6th Oct.2019

*Terms & Conditions

FREE SIGNALS* - will be given to all those who have ACTIVE** accounts with our recommended broker. ACTIVE** - An account in which minimum 10 lots should be traded in a week.)

Do you wish to REPEAT the workshop?

We do not want you to spend one more time. Therefore we recommend and encourage you to book prior appointment with our Expert and get all your queries solved in person for free. But if you still wish insist to attend the workshop, then, you will have to pay 50% charges of prevailing fees.