Indian Stock markets have a history of 150 years. During this period, it has been observed that lot of money can be made by investing for medium to long term period. There are three trends that exist in the markets. The first is the Primary, followed by the Intermediate trend & the last is the Minor trend. The primary trend is nothing but the main direction in which stock prices are moving for a long period of time. On an average this trend lasts for 1 year to 3 years. During this big move we find a lot of intermediate corrections, after which the momentum continues. These opportunities can be identified with the help of price patterns. This technique gives way to picking stocks. Using Technical Analysis, this product will help you in identifying the right stock at the right time at the right price to invest in. These stocks will be selected by our team of experts after thorough research which will minimize your risk and maximize your returns. Our expertise helps you identify stocks which have the potential to make money based on the above facts. This product would generate good returns in the medium term as well as in the long term.


  • Major Moves can be materialized
  • Do not have to track the markets everyday
  • Stock selection is done by our expert team
  • Good ROI (Return on Investment)