There are three trends in the markets. The first is the Primary, then the Intermediate trend & the last is the Minor trend. This minor trend is nothing but a momentum in a stock price which on an average lasts for 5 days. These moves could be from 5% to 8% of stock price and can be caught by using technical Analysis parameters. To pocket this minor trend, we need to use this swing trading technique. Our expertise helps you identify stocks which have the potential to make money based on the above facts. This product would generate good returns in short term. If you have identified that this kind of short term investments suits your profile, then this is one product which will surely help you in making money from the stock markets.


  • Momentum moves can be materialized
  • Do not have to track the markets in Intraday
  • Stock selection is done by our expert team
  • Risk is less
  • Good ROI (Return on Investment)