Pro Level workshop to emulate skills of Professional Trader!


  • Workshop during LIVE market hours (5 Days mentoring during live market hours + Life time support).
  • You will learn the strategies which have been developed by Kiran Jadhav with their rich experience of more than 20+ years.
  • We will teach – How to identify profitable trades live in front of you.
  • Stock selection process will be explained and key parameters will be given to you.
  • Limited seats are allowed in this workshop, hence personalized attention and mentoring will be done.
  • You can initiate the trade while learning and make money for yourself.

Only a professional trader makes money from day trading. To be a professional trader one needs to have a scientific approach towards day trading and a right psychology which can be achieved by practicing.

A professional trader does not focus merely on profit but a right way of trading with proper money management and a right psyche. Sitting in front of terminal just for time pass and trading to make few bucks is not a good idea.

Today as we introduce this exclusive workshop "TRADE WITH KIRAN JADHAV" wherein his experience of 20+ years will immensely benefit you. In these 50+ years, both have gone through many financial / emotional ups & downs in the stock markets. This has made them a seasoned Investor and Trader. And we would like to pass on this rich experience to you.

Today not only country's best traders, professionals & market experts but even the people from media fraternity are fond of their skills. It is not difficult to imagine how profits can be produced if the same skills were to be learnt from them while trading along with Kiran Jadhav and that too during the market hours. This is your chance to participate in to a PRO LEVEL workshop to completely emulate skills of Kiran Jadhav.



  • Participants will get opportunity to trade with Kiran Jadhav during market hours(9am to 3.30pm) for 5 days during live market hours + Life time support will be provided by Kiran Jadhav for guidance. The details will be shared during the workshop itself.
  • In this workshop, Both will teach - how to identify profitable trade live in front of you.
  • Actual trade setup will be identified in front of participant in live market which will give you confidence. This will make you understand the entry and exit points precisely.
  • Stock selection process is explained and key parameters are taught to you which have been sought by them.
  • You has to have your Machine with good configuration and strong internet connection. Same software and scanners that Kiran Jadhav uses will be installed for 7 days for free. Means you get the practical knowledge instantly.
  • You won't feel need to buy any consultancy product after training.
  • Limited seats, hence personalized attention and mentoring will be done.

  • Personal interaction for 6 full days with Kiran Jadhav
  • You can initiate the trade while learning and make money for yourself.


You should attend this workshop to have a 360-degree shift in your livelihood

However, a simple questionnaire of only 2 questions should be asked to one’s own self to decide whether he/she should opt for this training and Mentoring programme.

  1. Presently are you working harder in comparison to your earning?
  2. Does your current profession make you too busy not allowing you to spare time for family?

The "YES" answers lay’s the essence of this great opportunity because the "Trading for living" requires

  1. A great insight,
  2. Experience of Years,
  3. Right Set of Tools,
  4. Right Set of Rules,
  5. &
  6. Right Set of Mind Management


Since it is a Pro level workshop, your results depend upon certain pre requisites

  • We recommend that you should be free on every trading day, during market hours.
  • You should have attended our two-day Technical Analysis Workshop.
  • Fund Size that client should possess. It is because the result is equally proportional to one’s capital, we want to make sure that this workshop will be rewarding to you. And we will do so by looking at your fund size. It should be minimum Rs. 20 lacs allocated towards this activity.
  • A strong internet connection at your place.
  • We will install trial version software for 7 days (Third party software which we use for Intraday Trading)
  • Laptop which you have for the workshop should have Windows operating system (Not IOS i.e. Apple).


  • It's a 6-day workshop. Sunday -Theory session. Monday to Friday- Practical implementation of the theory.
  • This workshop is conducted during live market hours.
  • Timings are from 9am to 5pm.


Rs.1,50,000/- + GST is the one-time charge for this workshop. Although it is not fees but your investment towards making yourself a professional trader. One may have a question about why is this cost looking high. We believe that it is rightly priced because

  • You get to learn a skill set during the workshop that took Kiran Jadhav a life time.
  • You get to know dexterity of the software that Kiran Jadhav has chosen after trying and testing many such available software in the country.
  • You get the calculations, explorations and queries that are developed to utilize the software to pick up desired stocks, at about right time which might have taken years to develop for them.
  • You are not required to purchase any kind of consultancy which generally is the case with other’s workshop. If one were to compare this workshop fees with other such programme that sells consultancy after their workshop then this workshop is rightly priced.
  • Don’t consider this as fees. It’s your "INVESTMENT" in self. Usain Bolt has won 9 gold medals in last 3 Olympics and he has run less than 2 minutes on the track. He made $119 Million Dollars, means more than $1 Million for each second he ran. But for those 2 mins he trained for 20+ years. That’s INVESTMENT.


  • You have to fill up and submit the form .
  • We will appoint a relationship manager to you who will talk to you to solve all the queries you might have and arrange a telephonic appointment with Kiran Jadhav.
  • As we want to operate from the belief that this workshop has to be rewarding for you, Kiran Jadhav himself will finally decide on his own discretion whether to get you in for the this workshop.


The one who sees it, can only opt it. The one who opts it, can only make it. If at all this looks like a life changing opportunity, you must act on it fast by clicking following link and getting in touch with your relationship manager. Only upon your act, you get to learnt and you get to make it.


You need to note that it is a third party software which can be given to learn, understand and master the Kiran Jadhav’s way for free for 7 days & that is enough. Kindly note, that to make money, we need right infrastructure along with right knowledge. If you feel, after the workshop that this is the right infrastructure, then you can buy this software which cost around Rs. 60000 per year. This payment goes to the third party software company directly.
No. But you can get your queries solved with prior appointment.
We strongly believe that by distributing knowledge, it increases fourfold. According to the theory we trade for ourselves / clients and are making decent profits. No matter how much money an individual has, its always limited. We would make profit for ourselves on the capital deployed by us. If you follow this theory and make money for yourself, it would bring a broad smile on your face which would give tremendous satisfaction to us. We are confident with our theory and therefore dare to teach you during live market hours. We are sure we can display you how profits can be made no matter what the conditions of the markets are. Finally, if our parents and teachers would have not taught us, we would have not been where we are today. Understand the depth of this meaning. Academic education lands you into a 9 to 5 job. its only financial education which gets you out of it. THINK… UNDERSTAND… and ACT..

Trade with Kiran Jadhav Workshop Schedule

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You need to follow all the rules mentioned below while attending the workshop. Kindly note that you will be removed from the workshop without refunding the course fees, if any of the rules mentioned below are not adhered to.

  • You need to write your name on your (Zoom Application) window. Name can be written by clicking on “More” tab on your Camera window.
  • Your camera should be to switched “ON” while attending the workshop. No excuses will be entertained.
  • Only one login per participant is allowed.
  • External or internal screen recording is strictly prohibited.