Derivative segment is gathering a lot of interest among traders and investors now a days as the investment is very less. The average daily turnover in this segment is between Rs. 80 thousand crore to 1 lakh crore. Actually the instruments in this segment should be used as hedging tools but we surly can use them as trading tools as well.

We know that markets are driven by big players with financial power. These big players or HNIs invest huge amount of money in the markets, but while investing they take the advantage of derivative segment to multiply their profits. Lets understand the gimmick –

If HNIs wants to buy few lakhs of shares in the cash market, then they would create a selling pressure first to take the prices down and then start accumulating at the lower levels. At the same time they will also BUY the stock futures and out of the money calls which is available at dirt price. Now this activity can be seen in “Derivative Data”. After they buy futures and Options contract, they start buying heavily in the cash markets and start taking the prices to higher levels which in turn becomes a huge profit in the derivative segment. So these opportunities can be identified by understanding the Derivative Data points. Along with Derivative Data, one needs to understand the formation of different Strategies based on view on the markets and to reduces the risk involved in this segment. In our 2 Days workshop on this segment covers all these points.

Rest assured that after attending this workshop you would be equipped with the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE for venture out in this segment.

  • What are Futures?
  • Criterias to trade in futures
  • What are Options?
  • Call & Put Options
  • Premium Calculations
  • Criterias to trade in Options
  • Reading & understanding Derivative Data
  • Live stimulated Practicals

After attending the workshop, we provide life time support.