Learn Investing, No Matter What!!

Penny Saved is Penny Earned:

Ever since you were child and you started school, you have been taught to save money. Save money for rainy days and this is how even the ant knows and acts.

Importance of Investment:

I always remember those early days of my childhood when my grandfather used to tell me that in his days he could buy 5 Kg of Ghee in just 1 Rupee. And I always thought if he had saved that 1 Rupee, paved that in my house and if at all I found out the same today, what could have been bought in that same 1 Rupee??? A lousy lollipop??

Such is the thought that governed my activity towards investment. You must be knowing how monster named inflation eats up the value of our money year by year, every year. To save from this monster, we have to invest our savings.

Chanakya Neti:

Your Sanskrit teacher must have told you the translation of this Sanskrit sloka of Chanakya Neeti in Chapter 7 of point 14, If not you can goggle it or read what I’ve learned from this.

Accumulated wealth is as agile as accumulated water. Such wealth if saved will decrease just like saved water in a pond decreases. Accumulated wealth can be saved & increased by investing just like fresh water can be saved & increased by letting stagnant water to flow and come back to the river again.

Investing Instruments, All have Risks:

If you want to know where to invest, you need to find best available investing instruments to you. These are none other than all you mostly know i.e. Bonds, Deposits, Real Estates, Gold, Equities, mutual Funds etc. Many of you have perceptions on some of the above given prepositions as not risky investing instruments. But the fact is that, all of above investing instruments hold some risks. Yes! Even your bank deposit has risks. If not sure, check one of your FD and read the back page and you will come to know.


More than the time we spend to find no risk investing opportunities, we should spend time to tackle the risk of high return investing opportunities.


Most of you know that driving your own vehicle in your city is the most risky thing. Especially in where I live Ahmedabad is one the risky driving place. But I still drive and I am sure even you do so in your cities simply because you have gathered important knowledge of the roads, traffic and your own vehicle. You have practiced driving your vehicle and now you are able to tackle the risk of driving in the most risky place, aren’t you??


Stock Market, A high return investments:

Like all of you have perceptions on choosing your investing instrument, I have my choice on stock market. I recollect how Rajesh Khanna the renowned actor bought his bunglow in iconic Carter road in Mumbai for about Rs.3.5 Lakhs in 1970 and recently his heirs sold it for about Rs.85 Crores & here we are talking about 19.38% annualized return over 44 years. Now if you see Sensex in 1980 at 100 and now at around 27000 gives us about 18% annualized return in last 33 years. Now the point is, how many of us could have bought bunglow like Rajesh Khanna in 1970, compare to Sensex at 100 in 1980?


My choice of stock market is simply because I don’t have to be elite of society to invest in to stocks.


Tacking the Risk with Knowledge & Practice:

Exactly the way we have learned to tackle driving risks by learning & practicing, the same can be tackled in stock market investing. Go find your mentor who can make you learn the profound knowledge of stock market investing. Choose your mentor who has been there and done that, not one time but many times. If you ask me honestly, I have my mentor chosen, Mr. Kiran Jadhav, as he is been gathering experience and knowledge from over two decades now, he is imparting his theories and constantly improving it with more insights and experience.


Workshops offered by Kiran Jadhav & team are available mostly in your city or nearby go to link https://pis.net.in/schedule/


Why workshop & not through videos, not through book?:

Kiran Jadhav and his team knew exactly three things that provide edge in learning over videos and book write ups. These are,

1.)    Group Dynamics: when you are in a workshop somebody else’s question opens up knowledge for you. Somebody else’s mistakes prompt you to take care of them and even somebody else’s perception prompts you to understand the same thing differently.

2.)    Direct Touch: Kiran Jadhav and his team understand how great the grasping can be if you directly meet the people who have experienced the moments of truth.

3.)    Insights: Direct meet in the group is the only learning way which gives you insights. These insights ignite the inner power and knowledge in you & that builds the whole new realm within you.


Workshops knowledge by our team is kept, Free*!:

*Yes, with certain terms and conditions participating in our workshops are kept free. We at Precision Investment Services found out that even for the most profound available knowledge and training people gets confused whether to go for it or not?. Even their confusion has reasons because immoral practices are many in today’s market. Having this in our mind we only levy the venue charge to our participants with no intention of our business at least for the workshops. Visit https://pis.net.in/training-info/


I am confirmed that one needs to learn investing, no matter what!!

This Article Authored by :

Jignesh R Mehta
Branch Head – Gujarat
Precision Investment Services

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