Analysis Scoreboard

DELTADASH: Analysis Scoreboard

Proudly concepted and marketed by Kiran Jadhav & Associates LLP., Passionately developed and supplied by Spider Software India Pvt. Ltd

DeltaDash is a short-form of Delta Dashboard known as Analysis Scoreboard!

Here is the concept in details,

When you're interested in the stock market, there are only two ways you can analyse them: Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.

As a stock market trader, you know the significance of technical analysis, which involves studying past price and volume data on charts to predict future price movements.

Fundamental factors of a stock don’t change easily in short time, making technical analysis the supreme tool for informed decision-making by traders. Thus, traders be better of using technical signals for a trade of few minutes or a trade of few days

But over the time, technical analysis has evolved, offering a plethora of interesting tools. However, despite the excitement of exploring all these tools, traders often find it challenging to study more than 3 or 4 tools out of the many available.

DeltaDash provides a solution to this dilemma. It identifies about 100 signals from widely-used technical indicators, price actions, volumes, derivatives data, and relative strength, assigning each signal a score. A bullish signal earns 1 score in Positive Counter, while a bearish signal receives 1 score in Negative Counter, creating two distinct counters for each stock or index.

We have identified 8 different Technical Analysis headings, under which total of 43 indicators have been selected with their standard signal generating ability to take care of 100 signals.

To enhance their probability of winning, traders often use multiple time frame analysis. At DeltaDash, we offer scoring on 6 different time frames, namely 5 min, 25 min, 75 mins, 125 mins, and Daily. By summing up the scores across all time frames, traders can compare stocks and indices and make well-informed decisions.

The higher the total score, the more favourable the stock is compared to others in the Indian F&O segment. A higher Total Positive score indicates a better stock for bullish trading, while a higher Total Negative score points to a more favourable stock for bearish trading.

  1. DeltaDash takes into account these technical signals for scoring Positive (bullish) and Negative (bearish) trades, empowering traders with a reliable and comprehensive analysis tool.
  2. Not only how the higher total score identifies best bullish and bearish opportunities, the DeltaDash software also enables traders to see the Sentiments by comparing both Positive (bullish) and Negative (bearish) score side by side along with % wise distribution out of total score.
  3. Going into further detail, we can analyze each of the 8 Technical Headings based on their scores across various time frames. Additionally, we can assess the performance of each Technical Heading across all 8 time frames. This comprehensive breakdown is available in the 'Break up' tab.

You're cordially invited to watch an in-depth video showcasing how DeltaDash operates. Click the provided link to gain a comprehensive understanding. Those who watch the entire video and get self awareness will be eligible for the benefits highlighted in the video

8 different Technical Analysis headings, under which total of 43 indicators have been segregated to take care of 100 signals at a time

TA Heading Technical Signals Score Total Final Total
PRICE ACTION D/W/M, Highs and Lows 4 17 100
Open = Low/High 1
Range Breakout NR4/NR7 1
Parabolic SAR 1
Pivot 4
Price OHLC 1
Vortex 3
TREND Rainbow Average 1 12
Hull Moving Average 1
Exponential Average 2
Adaptive Moving Average 1
MA 2 lines 2 inputs 1
Ichimoku Cloud 6
MOMENTUM Alligator 2 23
Gaps 2
Psycological Line 2
Super Trend 5
Slope Divergence 1
Williams Accu./Distri. 1
Comodity Channel Index 1
BREADTH Chande Vidya 1 21
Elder Impulse System 2
Fractal Chaos Band 1
Fractals 1
Swing 2
Relative Strength 8
REVERSAL Candlestick Pattern 2 11
RSI Divergence 2
Heikin 4
Harmonic Pattern 1
Ichokoku Cloud Reversal 2
VOLUME Money Flow Index 2 4
Volume Oscillator 1
On Balance Volume 1
DERIVATIVE DATA Open Interest 8 8
VOLATILITY Keltner ATR Channel 1 4
Bollinger Band 3