Intraday Cash And Futures Workshop

By Kiran Jadhav & Associates

Intraday Cash And Futures Workshop

Today, lot of new entrants are trying their luck in the stock market with a vision of making profits everyday. BUT making consistent profits from the stock market is not everybody’s cup of tea. As per SEBI’s stats, 9 out of 10 market participants end up loosing money. This also means that there is an immense opportunity if you have a professional approach.

To become a professional trader, what you need is

  1. Right Knowledge
  2. A Trader’s Mindset
  3. Risk Appetite
  4. AND

  5. Robust system (which would incorporate above 3 points)

To have the robust system, we MUST understand these 3 points in detail and that’s what we would teach you in this "Intraday Trading Workshop"


  • We will teach – How to identify profitable trades in
    • Cash Segment as we can see big moves in Cash stocks compared to Futures stocks.
    • Futures Segment with proper Risk management
  • Stock selection process.
  • Risk management with Live simulated practicals.
  • No need to buy expensive charting software.
  • You will be amazed – How "Algos" can ease your trading journey.
  • Limited seats.


By learning the above strategies you will take your first step to becoming a professional trader . Because only a professional trader makes money from day trading. To be a professional trader one needs to have a scientific approach towards day trading and a right psychology which can be achieved by practicing.

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