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  • 26th-Oct-2020 : Watch Our CMD, Mr Kiran Jadhav on Zee Business from 2 to 3.30 pm


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What Our Participants Said About the Workshop

"The workshop is very real , they teach technical analysis from the basics and are very real with you. Extremely authentic in what they preach and teach and a real picture of stock trading is taught. They also make sure you have learned all concepts and will solve any query."

Parth Pradhan

"Dear Ashish Sir, I wanted to feedback on the Technical Analysis Workshop held by you under Batch No.1271 - Sept. 20. It was a totally brilliant Assertiveness Technical Analysis Training Course I attended so far. Certainly it will change my career in Stock Market and will make me free from my Job. Very informative, really made me to think about possible scenarios in the stock market. It was a eye-opening programme which taught me about how do a Technical Analysis of a stock. Also thanks for for the opportunity to discuss issues openly and honestly without any prejudice really appreciated."

Santosh Pandey

"Little Learning is a dangerous thing' , this phrase I heard so many times since my childhood, but when it's was my turn to share market I forgot completely & due to which I made losses as of now. Before attending the workshop of 'Basic to Advance Technical Analysis- September 2020 Batch' by Ashish Sirji I was little skeptical whether I could able to understand the complicated subject. But after experiencing one of the finest & best professional training in my life, I agreed that it's an eye-opener for me & strongly recommend to all of the people who wish to make money by investing. My message for everyone is 'Don't let yourself to become 98% of the people who loose money in market, but raise yourself in the top 2% who are making money always ..... and to do so attending this workshop is the best investment in my opinion'. Thanks Ashish Sirji & kiran Sirji for this wonderful session & gave us the opportunity to learn & build dream future in share market. Moreover operation support is also extremely good I should say. I would like to be in touch with KJ&Team for lifetime, who will handhold & uplift me to fulfill me financial dream.Eventually, I strongly recommend everyone should attend this workshop who are interested in investing.Thanking You"

Sovan Paul

"This is the training program I would insist everyone to pursue because after attending this workshop my concept towards stock market has changed. Every investor should get insight of 'Dos and Donts' of market and Kiran Jadhav and associates are the ones' who will help you achieve that. I would like to thank Mr. Ashish making learning so easy that every concept of theory and practical deeply soaked into my brain and absorbed all the basics he taught us. Once again thanks Ashishji an K&J associates."

Vishal Kharod

"Very interactive, very good material, very well presented and put together. This has more than met my expectations. Ashish Kelkar Sir was very honest in his presentation, made it real by sharing reality of share market. I will surely recommend this Technical Analysis Webinar to all my colleague & friends. Thanks a lot Ashish Sir & Team."

Amit Parkhe

"Hello Everyone, I have done basic advanced technical analysis last week. Firstly, I would like to Thank Mr. Ashish Kelkar and Mr. Kiran Jadhav for scheduling such an informative workshop. The way Mr. Ashish Kelkar taught the chart patterns to us, it was amazing. He cleared almost all the doubts of each and every participant so patiently with a great enthusiasm and smiley face in an easy language. Kiran Jadhav and Associates provide lifetime support to us, this is unbelievable in today's market. I am experiencing this unbelievable support system. This is an Eye Opener course for me. After completing the course I am feeling very sad for me that after 2 years spent in the share market I attended this workshop. If I could have done this course before in my initial stage, I could avoid losses and unnecessary mental stress. Guys, I strongly recommend this course to every person who is interested in earning money from the share market. "

Pravin Kate

"Dear Kiran sir and Ashish sir, Thank you for arranging a online workshop on Technical Analysis during the lockdown. I was long awaiting to join this workshop. We will never forget the learning's we got from this workshop."

Swati Dharmadhikari

"First of all many thanks to Ashishji and Kiranji for wonderful program on Technical analysis. The course content has been designed very effectively. It starts with very basics and takes you step by step to next level and the next level and so on."

Akhilesh Shukla

"I attended the training session this early this month. I think the cours content which they have is very good. It gives us detail insight on stock market. The best thing which was noticed was that there was no compromise on quality. They were not rushing with the content."

Siddesh Juvekar

"Recently attended Option Trading Workshop under Shree J R Mehta Sir, An eye opener experience with him, a kind and friendly person, a successful trader himself, shared with us his valued experience, knowledge and guidance, for our better future as trader. I Wish him all the best in his life. Best Regards, Harish Rijhwani"

Harish Rijhwani

"The teaching is in simple terms. They teach you again and again until and unless your doubts are clean and clear. They give you life time support and are always there when you stuck in any problem (except monetary..haha...) Nice experience.."

Shashi Agarwal

"My name is Krithika Jha and I have attended the Inference trading system workshop conducted by Kiran jadhav and Associates. Ashish my mentor has structured the content of the workshop in a way that even a rookie would understand Intraday trading methodologies. The workshop has opened a completely new platform for me and positively changed my perspective on how to make money in the stock market. I am currently feeling very confident that I can be self-dependent and can also support my family well by effectively utilizing my time. I would like to thank my mentor Ashish Kelkar again for all his help."

Krithika Jha

The experience in the workshop was awesome and it was an eye opener for all of us specially those who had made a loss in stock market. Now, a no. of myths of stock market has broken, my thought process has changed because in workshop I unlearned a no. of things while learning the technical analysis and PIS Strategy.

Mahendra Singh Negi

1. I Mr C.P. singh, is one of the participant in technical analysis workshop' held on 05th &06th March 2016 at Hotel Aurora Tower. It is here to mention that the way Mr. Mayur Shanbhag taught very basic to advance in the workshop on the technical analysis which is commendable and appreciable.

C P Singh

Dear Sir, I am happy & satisfied for the achievement in the 2 day training program. I achieved a lot, most important basic requirements which are to be followed. This was very important to know before start. Earlier, I & my wife have tried a few transactions in the name of my wife, Smita; but realized that, it was not my cup of tea.

Pramod Athalye

Dear Kiran Sir, Attended your Technical Analysis Workshop “The Art of Making Money” on 6th & 7th February 2016, conducted by Ketan Sir. I can easily describe as one of the most interesting insight I could gather of the Secondary Market after a long time and that too in spite of me being in the industry for over two decades.

Godwin Fernandes

I have attended your TA program on 9th and 10th jan 2016 at mumbai it was an excellent experience to attend this session, because of which i have managed to clear the issues i was facing and got to focus of what i wanted to invest in, because of lack of experience and knowledge about shares i have faced lot of loss in trading.

Vasudev Shirvalkar

The Technical Analysis program designed by PIS is simply superb & efficient. It simplifies, to a large extent, the complex world of equities for common investors. Almost 50% of the program on practicals is an excellent proposition for the dry subject of technical analysis.

Ketan Bhatt

I have been trading for last 4 years out of that 3 years i had spent on learning how to choose right stock, The entry and exit points and many things as per to markets. Gone through many books, blogs and searched many sites to get the right knowledge. But known of them were giving me right knowledge.

Mr. Rohit

I attended Sat / Sun Share Market Trading seminar arranged by Precision Investment Services of Kiran Jadhav and show conducted Ashish Kelkar 8th and 9th Feb, 2014. I have all the praise for both Kiran and Ashish and Strongly Recommend to Do that to anybody wishing to Invest in Equity Market for Profit.

Mr. Yogesh Abhyankar

It was really a wonderful experience to attend the class in february. I am a engineering professional & have attended several training's in the past 24 years. This training was unique in a way.The entire methodology ,arrangement,presentation,knowledge of the trainer was beyond expectations and was a true customer delight.


I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for your support. The stocks suggested by you are soaring!! I have tried many analysts in past but since my association with PIS in Sept 2013, I have not even looked at other options.

Mangesh Gholkar

Mr Kiran Jadhav’s approach to stock market is very different and unique. The takeaways I have received from Mr Kiran Jadhav are very precious and it help’s an individual to shape up his /her approach to invest/trade in stocks.

N. Narayan

I am really lucky because Kiran Sir personally given me his valuable guidance during Technical Analysis Course conducted on 3rd & 4th August 2013 & after that also. When I adopted the Strategy of Kiran Sir after attending this course, my portfolio is up by 50 % only in six months.


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