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Exclusive Workshop on Modified Technical Analysis.

We at Kiran Jadhav & Associates LLP take pride in imparting knowledge and know-how to our customers through training sessions organized in various cities across India. Some of your questions regarding training are answered below. If you have more questions, you are welcome to call us or email us.

What makes us offer you “100% Money Back Guarantee”?

  • We are confident on our result oriented theory and on our trainers.
  • We have an experience of over 2 decades in Training.
  • World class standard teaching methodology.

This makes us more confident to offer . However, the following conditions are applicable for this “100% Money Back Guarantee” offer -

  • If you are dissatisfied, you will have to inform our Trainer in the evening of the first day session. (with reason)
  • You will also have to send us a mail on the same day evening (1st day session) from your registered email id to mentioning that you want to avail Money Back Offer with reason.
  • This "100% Money Back Guarantee" offer is valid only for the Training programme on Technical analysis.
  • This offer can be used only by the first time attendees.
  • This offer cannot be used by relatives of the our existing attendees even though the attendee is a first time attendee of the training programme.
  • Your amount(less GST) will be deposited in your account within next 2 working days.

As a trader or an investor, you would have experienced that when you buy a stock, the price goes down and the day when you sell the stock, the price starts moving up. Along with this, whenever you place a stop loss, it gets triggered and then the price goes in your desired direction.

The stocks that you hold for many months or years do not yield a good return and the moment they are sold, the stock delivers outperforming returns. This adds to the confusion.

To ensure that such opportunities are not lost you need to learn Technical Analysis. But learning only Technical Analysis does not help. You need to lean the Modified theory on Technical Analysis. We call this RIGHT KNOWLEDGE.

What is the importance of this Altered Theories??? –

The traditional theories which are being used for decades, now don’t work in this rapidly changing scenario because the market condition then are completely different to what they were and what they are today. Technical Analysis, is a vast subject and majority of its theories and parameters have been invented in the western countries markets in the era of 1940’s. If you apply those theories on Indian stock markets and that too today, then surely they are going to fail.

Our Chairman & MD, Mr. Kiran Jadhav, with his vast experience has "ALTERED" or "MODIFIED" these theories which suits the current stock market conditions which helps in achieving a "GOOD ROI" (Return on Investment). We have trained over 50000 investors and they are using these "MODIFIED" theories successfully. You can check our students feedback on Testimonials tab on home page.

  • He has over 25 years of rich experience.
  • Mr. Kiran Jadhav is instrumental in modifying the original theories of Technical Analysis to suit the current market conditions.
  • He is pioneer in simplifying complicated theories which have been widely accepted and implemented by investors.
  • These altered theories can be applied on Stocks, Commodities & currencies as well.
  • The team of Trainers who are highly Credible, Experienced, Educated and have media presence who impart these modified theories to investors.
  • He and few trainers guides investors on India’s leading business channels like CNBC Awaaz, Zee Business to name a few where his strike rate is more than 80%.
  • Team of trainers have conducted more than 1100 workshops & trained more than 50000 individuals.
  • Our students include people from all walks of life such as common investors, brokers, Business channel anchors and actors all of whom have benefited immensely.
  • We offer lifetime unconditional free support to all our Technical Analysis participants.

Ashish Kelkar

  • Rich experience in the stock Markets since 2000
  • Was regular columnist in leading newspaper - Lokmat
  • Appears on NDTV Profit & ZEE Business
  • Conducted more than 650 seminars across India
  • Visiting Faculty to various stock exchange training programs
  • Visiting Faculty to various B-Schools in Maharashtra
  • Trained more than 8K individuals

Jignesh Mehta

  • Branch Head – Gujarat
  • B.E. Mech
  • Experience in stock market since 2005
  • Have written many blogs on stock market

Dnyaneshwar Badhe

  • Head – Central India Operations
  • Rich Experience in the stock markets since 2007
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Management Member in Medical & Management Institute

Karan Agarwal

  • Branch Head – Kolkata
  • Chartered Financial Analyst & Financial Risk Manager.
  • He is the youngest & most dynamic trainer with nevertheless very rich experience in Finance, Stock Markets & Risk Management.
  • He has also been conducting courses on "TECHNICAL ANALYSIS" which are based on popular theories altered by Kiran Jadhav, the companies CMD, which suits the current market conditions.
  • Karan has conducted many training programs for various Listed Companies including Fortune 500 companies. He is also a visiting faculty to many colleges in Kolkata.
  • Karan has been instrumental in researching new available techniques from the field of data analytics and checking its success on Stock Markets.
  • Karan has been contributing greatly to the organisation by constantly providing easy Excel based tools for quick Future & options analysis. These tools are highly used today by all our Stock market participants.
  • Various parameters
    • Volumes
    • Moving averages (Unique)
    • Candlesticks & its patterns (Unique)
    • Price patterns (Unique)
    • Indicators & oscillators (Unique)
    • Stop Loss (Unique)
    • Money Management (Unique)
    • Risk Management (Unique)
    • Portfolio Management (Unique)
  • Live simulated case studies
  • Investment Planning
  • FREE Lifetime support
  • Student who is pursuing (till) graduation is eligible for this discount.
  • Student has to submit his / her collage ID before registering for the workshop.
  • Support team would verify and will confirm eligibility to Relationship Manager and then only registration will be done.
  • With regards to this discount, All admission rights reserved with Kiran Jadhav & Associates LLP.
  • Why are the seminar fees so expensive?
    • We are having an investment and training experience of over two decades. In this workshop we share the experience that we have and we teach you a proven strategies. These strategies are based on the modified theories of Technical Analysis. Majority of the theories in Technical Analysis have been invented in 1940 to 1960 era and that too in American and European markets. The times have changed therefore the same theories cannot be applied on current market conditions. Hence we have modified these theories which suits the current market situations and that is what makes this workshop different from all other workshop conducted across India. The results of this modified theory is overwhelming. And its because of performance that it makes us confident to offer you 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can read about this offer on the same page under "100% Money Back Guarantee Offer" Tab. Quality always comes at a cost
  • Are two days sufficient to understand the concept?
    • We are conducting these seminars for the last 2 decades and we have trained more than 50000 investors till now Although the workshop is only for two days, the course duration is around 18 hours. Learning at a stretch clears many doubts and helps you understand better this is what our experience says. You can read the testimonials to understand what participants have said after the workshop - Testimonials
  • I have attended many stock market workshops elsewhere previously, but didn’t learn much. What is the guarantee that I will get to learn everything in this seminar?
    • We have trained more than 50000 investors till now. In this workshop we share the experience that we have and we teach you a proven strategies. These strategies are based on the modified theories of Technical Analysis. Majority of the theories in Technical Analysis have been invented in 1940 to 1960 era and that too in American and European markets. The times have changed therefore the same theories cannot be applied on current market conditions. Hence we have modified these theories which suits the current market situations and that is what makes this workshop different from all other workshop conducted across India. And this makes us confident to offer you 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can read about this offer below. You also can check what our participants have said about this workshop here – Testimonials
  • I am new to the market. Will I understand what is taught?
    • We teach from basics. The workshop is designed in that way. And its good that you are new to the stock markets because you will not have any pre-conceived concept in mind and you will be like a clean slate which is better for you. You will be able to understand all concepts with more adaptive approach. Our 20+ years of teaching experience comes handy.
  • Can I implement the theories taught on Commodities, Forex and derivatives?
    • Yes. Not only commodities or Forex but any instrument which is traded and if the charts are available for these instruments
  • Registration cannot be cancelled or postponed for future sessions.
  • The Workshop Fees are non-refundable

Technical Analysis Workshop Schedule

Batch No. City Date Trainer Venue Charges Registration url Offers
1287 Pune 04-Jun-2022
Mr. Ashish Kelkar
Mr. Ashish Kelkar
Live Online ₹ 25000 + 18%GST Register Now

Discount of Rs.10000/-
(For June batch only)

1288 Pune 09-Jul-2022
Mr. Ashish Kelkar
Mr. Ashish Kelkar
Online ₹ 25000 + 18%GST Register Now Early bird discount of Rs.2000 till 02nd July 2022

Do you wish to REPEAT the workshop?

Here we recommend to book prior appointment with our Trainer and get all your queries solved in person for free. But if you still wish to attend the workshop, then:

  1. If you are already a Member, then you get 30% discount in the workshop fees.
  2. If you had opted membership but not renewed, then you get 15% discount.
  3. If you have attended TA but not opted for membership till date, then no discount is given.

Facebook Reviews

"It was a great learning. It’s very embarrassing to accept ourselves (common investor) as a fool in stock market who keep on losing a lot money with minimal profits. However, accepting own mistake and stepping towards a successful future on basis of knowledge of technical analysis is very satisfying. I loved the way Ashish carried out the workshop with extraordinary talent of keeping people from different age group engaged in the sessions for 2 long days."

Facebook Review

Raviraj Sapar’s (Investor) feedback – Pune

"The best platform for understand how to invest in share market."

Facebook Review

Kamlesh Nikumbh’s (Business) - Mumbai

"It was really worth to me. To achieve any medium term long term goal one should have financial discipline that I came across over here how to keep yourself in discipline that is must In stock market because just lack of this earlier I used to make unlimited loss and limited profit. This technical analysis training was really very helpful to me it will help me in achieving my future financial goals Smartly and peacefully."

Facebook Review

Ranjeet Gavhad (IT Professional - Investor) - Pune

"Ahmedabad workshop was excellent experience and we learnt great knowledge."

Devendra K Kotadia (Business/Trader) – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

"The training session is an eye opener to all common investors, it has braked all our myths changed our thought process because we unlearn a no of things along with learning the technical analysis. You cannot believe the power of technical analysis till you not attend an awareness session from Precision Investment Services trained faculty. Must and must attend recommendation to every Investor who want to make money from stock market."

Negi Mahendra’s (Beginner) review on basic to advanced training course - Mumbai

"An Excellent TA workshop conducted by Precision Investments Services and Excellently delivered by Mr. Mayur. Really helpful to any individual from beginners to experienced."

Sanjeev Patade (Working Professional/Beginner) - Pune

"I participated in the course at Hyderabad lot of good tools provided and I learned a lot. Thanks to Precision Investments team and its leader Mr Kiran Jadhav. It is really great. "Mahesh Malu (Investor) feedback on learning investing in stock market - Hyderabad" Wanted to start with knowledge rather than tips, gained a huge amount of knowledge which made me create passion for stock Market. It was really a wonderful seminar flooded with lot of knowledge, Confidence, discipline, energy and many more positive words can be added."

Venkata Ramaiah Komaravolu (Investor) Hyderabad

"A whole hearted thanks to Kiran Jadhav Sir. I am their member and truly would like to appreciate the preciseness of their study and suggestions. I feel confident when I talk about stocks trading now. thank you"

Amol Shirurkar Feedback – Precision Investments Technical Analysis Course

"I was amongst the lucky ones to undergo the very 1st batch on technical analysis course one to one training from Kiran Jadhav almost 11 years back, his teaching has helped me as an equity investor as well as financial advisor and today after almost 11 years of experience in the financial service industry at various levels this helps me talk to key investors and advisors whom I meet"

Kaussik Datta (Student/Investor)

"It is very best service and learn how to trade positive."

Jayantibhai Luhar (Trader/Investor)– Ahmedabad

"It’s like coming out of the dark and seeing the bright world ahead. Technical Analysis Course/workshop has changed my attitude towards stock exchange and I must say its awesome learning experience in recent time. Looking forward to many training and session with Precision Investment Services. Thanks Ashish Kelkar Sir and Kiran Jadhav Sir."

Sagar Surwase (Beginner)

"Technical Analysis workshop at Bangalore was an eye opener and it was the best I have attended on stock markets."

Jayakrishnan Menon (Investor/Business) - Bengaluru

"Good for retail investor in future, so follow up with strategy......."

Rajesh Patel (Investor/Business) - Surat, Gujarat

"The most important thing I like of PIS is transparency. Whenever I meet Kiran Jadhav sir, there is a sense of honesty. Markets are risky but he guides to manage those risks and with a discipline. I highly recommend PIS to anyone who wants to begin investing in stock market."

Mangesh Gholkar’s review on Precision Investment Services & Kiran Jadhav -Mumbai

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You need to follow all the rules mentioned below while attending the workshop. Kindly note that you will be removed from the workshop without refunding the course fees, if any of the rules mentioned below are not adhered to.

  • You need to write your name on your (Zoom Application) window. Name can be written by clicking on “More” tab on your Camera window.
  • Your camera should be to switched “ON” while attending the workshop. No excuses will be entertained.
  • Only one login per participant is allowed.
  • External or internal screen recording is strictly prohibited.