Derivative market segment which started in 2001 has gathered a lot of attention in last 2 decades. Futures and Options are the two different products of this segment. In the first decade, ever since the introduction, trading in futures became so popular that average daily turnover clocked 8 times to that of cash segment.

In last few years options are catching the maximum eye balls, but this time around, the information that internet expanded is so intensified that in last few years the average daily turnover in Index options has become 10 times more than that of futures. Addition of weekly index options in Bank Nifty in 2016 and Nifty in 2019 has inflated these turnover to several times. First weekly contract was introduced in Bank Nifty and Options trading volume in Bank Nifty is among the highest in the world today.

We have identified the prominence of options trading and brought a workshop that is rightly focusing the dynamism of the Options for which it is rightly designed for. Options are designed as a hedging tool but it is so vigorous that almost any view can be traded by deploying the right kind of strategy for our view & our capital.

Our workshop exactly feeds the collective curiosity that has been built around options trading. Even though you have not assigned more than 2.5 lakhs of a capital to merely trade the options but you only have a stocks portfolio or FDs / Mutual Funds/ Index Funds or any other exchange recognized security, you can trade in options by using them as your collateral. Our workshop covers followings.

  • Option Basics: we cover complete basics like no other
  • Option Payoff: Call – Put and their Buy – Sell payoff diagram in details
  • Terms of Options: Almost all vocabulary that needs to be learnt to be a seasoned option trader
  • Options Strategies: Right from the straddles, strangles, condors, ladders, calendars and some more creativity around it
  • Synthetic Approach: How an Options can be used to imitate Future or Cash or any other strategies
  • Options Greeks: A dedicated time for the details of Greeks , also how to read Option premium to ignore these Greeks in practical
  • Advanced Concepts: PCR, Max Pain, IVP (Implied Volatility Percentile) and likewise concepts
  • Strategy Selection: Practical usage of different strategy for different views
  • Income Strategies: 3 different income strategies that can be used practically i.e Covered call, Hedged strangles & 3X strangles, Hedged Straddles
  • Expiry Options Writing: How to gain from this fact that weekly options are widely used to trade on maturity day when about 75% of options expire worthless

After completion of this workshop, you don’t need an option Greek software. We provide support on the 2 of the strategies for 3 monthly series. Intraday one way support through mobile app during this time is also covered.