You may have a basic knowledge of stock markets but it is considered as 1st step because knowing basics does not give decision making ability. In stock markets, an investor or a trade should be able to select a stock, entry price and exit price. To take these decisions, one can have a knowledge of either Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis.

Learning Technical Analysis is far simple than learning Fundamental Analysis. Technical Analysis is a method where you study price in various aspects through various theories, with various indicators and oscillators. You should learn it step by step and we will first teach you the basics and then advance through our webinars.

Basics of Technical Analysis webinar is for beginners and it will introduce to the charts and some basics. It will cover basic concepts and different parameters which will surely help as the second step.


  • Difference between Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.
  • Thought process behind Technical Analysis.
  • Types of charts.
  • Introduction to DOW Theory.
  • Types of Trends.
  • Candlesticks.
  • Support and Resistance.
  • Few Indicators and Oscillators.
  • Various Terminologies.


5 hours – 3 hrs morning session & 3 hrs afternoon session


Rs. 2500 + GST