We, at Kiran Jadhav & Associates believe that spreading the "RIGHT" knowledge is one way to adhere to our Corporate Social Responsibility. Hence we explain investors and traders with proof on the “Do’s & Don’ts” in the stock markets through these seminars. In this free seminar we show them the path towards becoming a disciplined and focused investor. For example, if the stock that you buy starts going down the moment you purchase, or the stock starts appreciating as soon as you sell, this seminar is a "MUST ATTEND" for you. Fill up the contact us form by clicking on ENQUIRY NOW tab, so that our team members can get in touch with you.

Contents of SEMINAR

  1. Strategies used by common Investors.
  2. Strategies used by successful Investors.
  3. What is Fundamental & Technical Analysis? Help you select the simple way to make profits.
  4. Basics of Technical Analysis.
  5. Way Forward.