The way animal survives by hunting others in a jungle, the market player survives by hunting profits in the financial jungle. You have already learned to be a hunter of BREAKOUT stocks in an UPTREND by attending our “Basic to Advance TA Workshop”. Finding BREAKOUT stocks in an UPTREND can be compared with the kind of Animals who hunt their Prey in a DAY TIME.

However, in the markets, even UPTREND has its down moves and a good stock goes in to correction in that down move. This leaves us to find BEATEN DOWN stocks that have started to rise while in UPTREND. Now, this way of finding BEATEN DOWN stocks in an UPTREND should be compared with the Animals who hunt their Prey during NIGHT TIME.

Yes! We are excited to bring you a new system that picks up good stocks after they correction is over. This new system is made available in our LEVEL II workshop called “Investor & Trader’s Delight”. This theory will attempt to find MULTIBAGER stocks even before their breakout.

There are following exciting facts that these method of IT Delight (Investor & Trader’s Delight) has,

  1. Useful for finding MULTIBAGER stock ideas for Investors
    1. This theory has hand-picked stocks like
      1. STERTECH@ around 50, currently about 610% return
      2. EDELWEISS@ around 57, currently about 370% return
      3. IIFL@around 178, currently about 337% return
      4. NOCIL@ around 46, currently about 307% return
      5. (Percentage return considered at close of 3rd week of Feb-2018)
  2. Useful to find QUICK GAINER stock ideas for Traders
    1. This theory generated derivative ides like
      1. ANDHRABANK, about 19% return in OCT-17
      2. UNITED BREWERIES, about 15% return in OCT-17
      3. ADANIPOWER, about 16% return in DEC-17
      4. BHEL, about 10% return in DEC-17
  3. This method has some unique theory to learn like MOMENTUM COUNT
    1. This will enable you to find reversal point in a stock in most profound way.
    2. It is a new concept in TA and does not have any citations even on internet.
  4. Unique OPPORTUNITY FINDER selects the stock in a quickest time.
    1. Only one of its kind theory that makes best sense in current market conditions.
    2. It is also an innovative concept that does not have existence so far.
  5. Fusion theory based on two great theories of TA designed to generate MARKET OUTPERFORMING returns.
  6. This theory is designed to upraise the SUCCESS RATIO.
  7. This exciting theory is ready to be learnt & mastered with
  8. Our clients have already tried and tested this method since last 3 years.
    1. For client’s testimonial video, please click following links,
      1. Dr. Mohammad Yusuf -
      2. Rinkal -
      3. Manoj Shah -
      4. KamleshKantaria -
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