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What Our Participants Said About the Workshop

I am fortunate to find this platform ....amazing experience...attended Dec workshop and learned a lot from that which i already started implementing. Very supportive team. They don't only teach us what to do but also what u should not do which is the most important thing. I suggest everyone to attend this training as i believe that if the first step is in right direction u will follow the right path. Special thanks to Ashish sir.

Niharika Pareek

I attended the training in last week end. Mr.Ashish Kelkar was our trainer. He explained the concepts of Share Market from Basic and also shared his valuable experience. We also did a lot practical's in the training session. It was a very interactive session and enjoyed a lot. His method of teaching is very easy to understand and makes you comfortable. When you say share market the first thing comes to your mind is Candlestick Charts which is very confusing for most of the beginners. He helped us to understand the charts and also motivated to continue the same. Thank you Ashish Sir for the wonderful training and guidance. Thank you Kiran Sir for the mail and kind words.

Amol Pawar

I have attended Basic to advance technical analysis workshop recently. it was amazing and full of knowledge. Their 23 years was clearly reflecting in the workshop. Thanks to Mr Ashish kelkar ji for skilled and honest knowledge sharing with smiling face. Other must join to learn discipline and portfolio management along with technical analysis.

Jitin Jain

It was a great session. And what I most like about it is that things were kept very simple. It was never tried to make things complicated. I always heard that you should have your own strategy and your check sheet, but I could never make the same. After attending workshop, I am confident now that I can do the same. The most important thing is I learn how to be a disciplined investor. So many person can teach you different concepts and theories but I think very few can let you know how to be a disciplined investor. Thanks for everything and wishes a great success to this organization

Hiren Amdavadi

I have recently attended the Basic to advance TA Workshop, it was fantastic experience. The way they teach was truly appreciable. Heads off to the Funda of "Grow Together".

Jyotika Sonawane

I did technical analysis course in January batch and I can say that it is an amazing simplified course to help one make right investment decisions. I had read books and did lot of things but could not find few answers on my own which this course could help in a logical way. The mentor Ashish Kelkar ji is an excellent teacher using apt philosophies to help us understand things better.

Deepak Bhatia

I have attended stock market training and it was highly enriching in experience. The methodology and content is excellent and relevant for fresher as well as experienced person. Mr. Ashish has conducted sessions exceedingly well. His amicable nature, integrity and concern for others is remarkable. Mr. Ashish is very experienced professional and shared his insight with transparency and honesty. The training has also given importance on discipline of investing. Do's and Don'ts are specified with complete clarity. The idea of creating wealth on consistent and long term basis is phenomenal. Extremely satisfied and would surely recommend..

Manish Dhakan

Before this training stock market was like being in a jungle, Now it looks like a beautiful garden Heartfelt gratitude to Mr Ashish Kelkar who put forth all technical absolutely in a tone of clarity and a straight forward, methodical and purposeful layout. Absolutely 100% on all counts.

Neena Kush

One of the best Workshop for the beginners as well as for the people who want to earn and learn from the market best ever guidance by #Ashish Kelkar sir# Bhav bhagwan che pan bhav shaitan pan che. Loved to attend the session sir thanks you it.

Akshay Bamb

The lecture has really been a great experience in terms of learning and knowledge and an eye opener for all the wrong positions that we have made previously. I would like to thank you and Ashish Sir for sharing your valuable experience which is priceless and guiding us through the path of discipline. Thank You so much sir for everything!

Rajveer Ranawat

Basic to advance workshop: A perfect workshop for beginners who are not having any knowledge about stock market. They teach you in very easy language and all the complicated concepts are brought down to simple words. All your queries and doubt are solved. The best thing is they provide you a ready to go set of steps, you just have to follow them that’s it. Very simple. I’m a beginner and starting my trading from next day onwards. I’m confident and feeling positive now and hoping to become a successful trader soon.

Rohit Chougule

This is the best Place or step to Enter In the world of Financial Freedom. If you have passion to be in 2%, you must try the Education of Kiran Jadhav & Associates. Best wishes for Your Future.

Vikash Kumar

Learnt a lot in the workshop. Ashishji you are the best. Now I have the courage to take more risks in the stock market. Thank you very much

Shobhit Gupta

Hello Guys...I had joined basic technical course of Ashish Kelkar sir. I hadn't seen any trainer who is so frank with his students. The way he trained is really amazing. He is correlating all incidents with his wonderful story that help so much in understanding theory & the way he moves on to practical u can't imagine he taught u like a nursery student then he increases the level. His training helps me a lot. Those who are new & wants to come to share market must join his course & know from basis. Otherwise you lose too much money in market without knowing basic & then u understand the value of basis. I had done this mistake but I don't want u does it.

Deepak Kumar

It was a really the best knowledge I got about technical analysis and in the very simple way. My heartily thanks to Mr Ashish Kelkar for conducting this type of seminar and answering all my smallest queries.

Rahul Gite

The workshop on technical analysis is really very helpful, Mr Ashish Kelkar sir had taken the sessions in simple language easy to understand and very well structured. Whatever sir tought and shown are exactly what they do in their practice. I enjoyed the learning. If you want to learn genuine things about stock market I highly recommend it to others who want to learn.

Girish Chaudhari

Attended webinar on basic to advanced technical analysis. I wasn't sure about it whether I will be able to understand it or not but Trainer Ashish sir made it very simple for me. Many myths busted and new strategies learnt. Must attend if you want to invest in stock market. Looking forward for some good days.

Dhiru Singh

Attended Technical analysis workshop. It was a wonderful learning experience. The concepts were well explained. It is a good start for all the new comers in stock market who want to invest for medium to long term.

Mayank Talwar

The best place to learn Basic to Advanced level training for trading and investing in stock markets. These guys are really good at what they do. Highly recommend their 'Basic to Advanced Technical Analysis Workshop'. The insights were enlightening. Process is thorough, well-thought out and complete. All your questions will be answered to your satisfaction. Youbwill find every Rupee spent / invested for the training well worth it. Master Trainer - Ashish Kelkar deserves his title - Master Trainer. He is a fantastic trainer.

Abhay Ghanekar

It was wonderful experience attending the technical analysis workshop. Like me if anybody is new in the stock market, I will suggest, first take this course and then start your journey in stock market. If not new, for them also will suggest this course. This course is more than worth to money. The way Ashish sir initiated the journey till the end it was fabulous. Right knowledge will definitely help to earn money. Kiran sir and Ashish sir has created a wonderful learning platform and everyone should take an advantage of it. You will amaze after attending the workshop. Every complexity are made simple here. I will give a special thanks to Ashish sir for his commendable, valuable, knowledgeable sessions.

Bharat Metkar

I have attended the Technical Analysis workshop recently. Ashish Kelkar sir has explained various aspects of Technical Analysis superbly. He shared his was experience and knowledge on how to maximize profit and minimize loss, money management and portfolio management. This workshop has boosted my confidence immensely. Hats off to you Ashish Sir.

Pravin Metkar

I have attended Technical analysis workshop in March 22, it was wonderful session, and Mr. Ashish Kelkar guided us like parents' guide their children to walk for the first time. The content of the course of the course coupled with Ashish sir's explanations is a must have for any new comer in the share market. All the best to Kiran Jadhav and team in Future.

Nikhil Desai

If you want to become Arjun in stock market you must train under Dronacharya which is none other than Ashish Kelkar ... thoroughly enjoyed this session

Sumit Ghosh

The workshop on technical analysis is really very good and very well structured. Its systematic way of learning. Mr. Ashish is superb. I enjoyed the learning. I recommend it to others who want to learn.

Ashvin Patel

Attended technical analysis workshop by Ashish kelkar Sir (KJA) ....it was extremely Awesome and helpful. Simply GREAT. Ashish sir's sequence of explaining is "The Best". Those who are new to the stock market must attend the technical analysis workshop, workshop at KJA only.Thank You so much to Ashish sir and Kiran sir for designing such a wonderful workshop.

Mayuresh Kulkarni

Attended Technical Analysis Webinar which is great experience. Ashish Kelkar Sir taught everything in detailed with unique techniques & How to analyze stocks with help of chart formation. This is very much helpful to identify stocks. Thank you Ashish Sir.

Sachin Bondre

Wonderful sessions. Also recommended for fresher's who don't have much experience in stock market. The trainer Mr. Ashish is amazing. Strongly recommended.

Tushar Mali

Mr. Ashish sir is a teacher par excellence but more than that he is really passionate about teaching and he puts his heart and soul and abundant energy to drill the concepts so that we never forget. He answers the question of every student and his training consists of teaching theoretical knowledge with practical's which makes it easier to understand and implement what we learnt correctly. In my last 25 years from primary school to college, industrial engineering and MBA I've never met such an enthusiastic energetic and diligent teacher who teaches with passion and drills each concept and doesn't stop till everyone has grasped everything thoroughly. Ashish you have the gift to explain difficult complex ideas in a very practical manner to grasp all the concepts and you have kept me totally riveted every minute. The class extended double the time so that all concepts and practical's were understood by all the students .Thank you sir.

Rajiv Thakur

This training was really an eye opener for me. Before attending this training, I was investing on random tips based on TV & Twitter. I didn't know how to select a stock and was not sure that technical analysis could be so simple to understand. The training session during the workshop spanned for 5 days and was conducted with a highest level of professionalism. The content of the training was perfect and was a great learning experience for me. Ashish Kelkar sir, the mentor is a great, superb, enthusiastic teacher and he explained each and every topic in a detailed manner and made it so simple that even a beginner like me understood & grasped it by giving a number of examples from their own experience. In the end, the discussion on stocks that crashed really gave an insight that if we could have read the charts, could have minimized the losses or made more profits Minimize your losses & Maximize your profits the mantra. Thank you Kiran Jadhav & Associates and especially Ashish sir, for this wonderful session which will help me in planning my financial journey in a better manner.

Alok kumar

Amazing Workshop!! One of the best Basic Technical Analysis Workshop I have attended. This helped me to understand the chart analysis very clearly and solved all my doubts. Ashish sir is the best trainer and cool personality too. Kiran sir ka ye word bahot sahi hai ke “ye Workshop Maine pahele kyoo nahi kiyaa”. Thank you so very much to Kiran sir and Ashish sir for making superb Technical Analysis Training Program for us.

Paresh Savla

Hi all, I have attended the Technical Analysis programme this month & I found this extremely helpful in my analysis. It’s an eye opener programme. I specially thanks to Ashish sir, who taught us the complex thing in so simple way that during the training I remember those days when my parent teach me ABCD the same way Sir teach us.

Saurabh Shekhar

I am very thankful to Ashishji for detailed and informative session. His knowledge on the technical aspects and explanations are simple and wonderful. The session has helped me grasp the basic understanding of the price patterns and how to analyze the underlying stock movements and removed all preconceived notions on how to look at the charts. Thanks to Kiranji, Ashishji and the entire KJA team. Thanks & all the best.

Hrudayani Jagtap

I am very thankful to Ashishji for detailed and informative session. His knowledge on the technical aspects and explanations are simple and wonderful. The session has helped me grasp the basic understanding of the price patterns and how to analyze the underlying stock movements and removed all preconceived notions on how to look at the charts. Thanks to Kiranji, Ashishji and the entire KJA team. Thanks & all the best.

Dhruv Jain

After attending several workshops, I found this workshop to be the best. While there are many successful traders, being a good teacher is also essential And Ashish Sir is exactly that. Really liked the entire workshop, with the clarity and simplicity that was used throughout the workshop.

Viraj Gada

Kiran Sir and Ashish sir have created a great workshop which was very useful for me as a beginner in Stock Market. I will 100% recommend this workshop to everyone. Ashish sir is the best. The way he kept the workshop going for 10-12 hours without the participants feeling bored. His stories and is way of conducting the workshop makes him the best in business. Please attend the workshop and understand how simple it is to make money from stock market.

Dhruvraj Chouhan

It’s very helpful to learn more than technical analysis session, I suggest who ever investing in stock they should attend this session .It will in very analytical and disciplined MANNERS. Thanks Ashish Sir (K&J).

Paresh Pancholi

It was amazing workshop I learned more, It was eyes opener. Ashish sir is best trainer they clear all concepts. Ashish sir is so cool & having so much patience they give all answers of students. Now, I am confident that I can analyse chart. I am thankful to Kiran sir, Ashish sir & entire team of Kiran Jadhav & Asso. Kiran sir ka ye word bahot sahi hai ye workshop Maine pahle kyo nahi kiya. Thank you.

Shailesh Katariya

"Best course!! One of the best sessions I have attended. This helped me to understand the technical analysis very clearly and solved all by doubts. The session coverage from basics to advanced approach helps a lot and addresses all the queries. Thankful to Ashish sir and Kiran Jadhav for enabling us with these kinds of trainings! Great examples, great patience, amazing strategies. If we follow the suggested discipline, no doubt in making good profits. Thank you."

Basavaraj Biradar

"Attended technical analysis last week basics to advance level & Trainer Ashish Sir taught us exactly as title of this workshop. I am glad and feeling so lucky to have him as trainer. One of my co-participants gave name "Modern Day Draunacharya" to Ashish Sir. Thank you so much Ashish Sir & Kiran Sir for giving us opportunity and sharing your knowledge. Wishing you more & more success."

Chintan Soni

"I have attended the Technical Analysis Workshop under the guidance of Ashish Kelkar Sir. Before attending this seminar I felt this topic to be little bit difficult and hard to grasp, but sir has presented this whole subject in such a manner that now, it has created huge confidence in me and I feel myself more comfortable & easy in doing technical analysis of any particular stock. His teaching reflects experiences of more than two decades. Thank you Ashish Sir and Kiran Sir for such a wonderful teachings."

Kamlesh Mehta

"Hi all, I was part of the TA workshop conducted on 7th Aug-11th Aug-21. Ashish Sir has made complex topic of Share market very easy to understand mainly Technical Analysis. He is very clear in his thoughts about what knowledge to be given to each one, irrespective of their experience in the share market. He ensured each one has understood it thoroughly. It was evident from the Q& A session which was supposed to end by 8.30 pm but extended beyond 11.15 pm until each one is cleared about their doubt. That's the commitment. He was Honest and Transparent throughout the training session. Before this workshop I never heard about any Price chart patterns. On 12th evening Kiran Sir has posted chart pattern of Guficbio on his Twitter handle and within a minute I could recognized that it is UP FLAG and I got confirmation from Kiran Sir. They have done their Job, now it’s our turn to be discipline and use of knowledge to get benefits from the market."

Kiran Purandare

"Very well conducted workshop by Ashish Sir. The Concepts were very clearly explained, discussed and all queries resolved. Added bonus is the continuous guidance thereafter even after the workshop. All-in-all a must do workshop for all serious people who want to become self reliant in managing their own Investments and not rely on tips of others. Great Work Ashish Sir and team."

Kirtikant Sahu

"I have attended the Technical Analysis Course last weekend. Ashish Kelkar is a wonderful and patient instructor. The course has given me immense confidence in how to select stocks and manage positions. They are also very accessible. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to "invest" in the stock market."

Mudit Saxena

"I received technical analysis training in the batch of 7, 8, 9 and 10th Aug 2021. First of all, the training continued beyond weekend until Wednesday. And our teacher Mr. Ashish Kelkar sir is still available to answer our queries. I don't think any other trainer does that. Ashish sir is professional yet not too formal, so it created a feeling of togetherness and simplicity in the batch. :-) Now about the course - Ashish sir explained the concepts clearly, slowly, with revisions every few hours and with examples every time. He not only covered technicals but also covered market psychology with examples on charts. So, if you want to train your mind for discipline, then this is the right course for you! And the best thing is that the training does not confuse us. We have limited money and time so I learned from over 20+ years of experience of Mr. Kiran Jadhav sir and Ashish sir. It is best to follow their strategy and focus on their way of chart analysis instead of trying on our own. I can read charts in a much better way and with greater accuracy now. I have become more confident while taking trades. I buy/sell shares more consciously and without panicking because I learnt to read charts wisely in this course. What more can I ask for? But there is one more aspect of this training and that is - lifetime free service. I can discuss my technical analysis on any chart with sir forever, even if the class is over. :-) Thank you very much Kiran sir and Ashish sir! Hope many more people get benefitted from your knowledge."

Pooja Hambarde

"I have attended the Training program in Aug 2021. I would request everyone to attend the training and then start investing your money which would give you a clear picture of investing and you can become a disciplined investor in your life. I am very much thankful to Ashish sir for showing his patience during the whole program and provided his valuable knowledge and support. Thank you once again to Ashish Sir."

Santosh Kulkarni

"This was an amazing experience and would not have been without Ashish sir. He is too good and made us so comfortable that everything is engraved on our minds. He has a special talent which is very difficult to get. I would recommend everyone to trust my experience and learn from Ashish sir and then you will surely thank me for recommending."

Shiv Khetan

"Really Like this workshop and Ashish Sir is a very good teacher. He explained everything in a crystal clear manner and also supporting even after the workshop. Thank you."

Shruti Jain

"The Technical Analysis class which I attended on 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th August 2021. It was my pleasure to have got trained from Ashish Kelkar sir. His teaching technique is really very good. I recommended this class to all who are fresher and even little experience in the stock market."

Sucheta Salunke

"Excellent training. Must attend before investing in stock market. Tension of stock selection and monitoring is reduced."

Sunil Patil

"Ashish Sir given very good knowledge about share market, technical analysis, Charts Knowledge , how to read Charts , price pattern , stop loss how to calculate. Money management, Risk management. New Comer person my suggestion is before enter in market pls join this workshop & then enter, it will help you very well to earn money in share market. Thanks Ashish Sir and Kiran Sir."

Atul Mahala

"Must attend workshop. Very comprehensive authentic experienced learning. Focus on accurate technical analysis with Kiran Jadhav sir own devised theory that is experienced for last 20 years... Feel very fortunate to be able to get right knowledge."

Satchidanand Satpute

"Completed Technical Analysis course at Kiran Jadhav and Associates last weekend. It was eye opener for me as I came to know what mistakes I was making. It will be a paradigm shift in my view to look at market and my future investments will be aligned with the new strategies learned during the course. Most important lesson for me was to follow the Rules and be disciplined. I also like to praise Ashish Kelkar Sir the ways he taught us. He has lot of patience to answers all the questions from all the participants. I highly recommend this course for all the traders as well as investors. I extend my thanks to entire team of Kiran Jadhav and Associates for smooth conduct of this training. Happy investing"

Parimal Wanage

"I am Nitin Dani the member of Kiran Jadhav & Associates since June 2015.I first attended the Technical Analysis Workshop in the year 2015.I recently attended the online Technical Analysis Workshop Batch No 1279 which held on 10th & 11th July 2021.Mr. Ashish Kelker is very nicely explain the Technical Analysis of Indian Share market. He explained so many things i.e. candlestick Pattern, chart patterns etc. regarding the Technical Analysis. With the help of this training Ashish Sir has change my attitude regarding the share market from negative to positive and he also teach me Discipline trading and also follow the rules strictly. Ashish Sir, explaining their experience regarding Share market very nicely and Ashish Sir is teaching authentically. I am also in the touch of Mr.Pankaj. When I call him he always gives me very good response in solving my droughts. If you want to earn money through trading and investing in share market (minimum loss and maximum gain) then you should attend Technical Analysis Workshop. Thank you Kiran Sir, Ashish Sir, and Mr. Pankaj."

Nitin Dani

"I have attended Kiran and Ashish sir's workshop. It's been amazing to know how the theory works! Now is the time to apply this theory. So far started with losses but want to give more time and at least 10-15 trades to check out practical usage of this theory. I am committed to spend such time and demonstrate patience and looking forward for bigger and better profits! But thanks to Ashish for extreme professionalism and explaining how one should plan to invest hard earned money and be on the profit side."

Kiran Dongre

"A totally Professional and Complete workshop on identifying the right process and Scientific way of unearthing the golden way of finding the Candle patterns and which shares to buy with Stop loss, Target and Risk Ratio. The search for good scrip ends here at Kiran Jadhav and Associates. Great learning’s value for money."

Satish Bhat

"Gained good knowledge on Technical Analysis & importance of discipline, Money management while investing/trading in capital markets during the workshop. Lucky to have inputs from both Kiran Sir & Ashish Sir who answered our queries with a lot of patience. One can surely gain from their training & experience, in the process of being an ‘ARJUN’...... ALL D BEST!!!"

Mandar Sawant

"I Gaurav Kamdar, many Thanks to Kiran Sir , Ashish Sir for excellent workshop for Technical Analysis and we have to learn TA Compulsory before invest in Share market , I am trading in stock market since last 20 years but after learn TA many concept clear in mind and now stop my losses. So again Thankful to Kiran sir and Ashish sir."

Gaurav Kamdar

"I had attended Technical Analysis Training on last weekend (12th &13th June 2021); it was my pleasure to have training from Kiran sir. Kiran sir was fantastic and very professional during the training. He was so humble to provide the answer to all silliest questions with patient. Thank you Kiran sir for your guidance. I am looking forward see you in option training class."

Dinesh Shrimalve

"Mere liye ye workshop meri life ka 360' turning point tha. Thanks to Kiran sir and Ashish sir."

Farida Merchant

"I have been trading intermittently and with random strategies since 15 years, after bearing some losses i have realized that I need a structured coaching wherein i should learn the basics and technical aspects of equity market. so i have gone through many YouTube video's and TV channels and joined some so called sebi registered professional traders, trainers and investors, but I was not satisfied and came came across KITAN JADHAV sir again though i watched him on TV channels many a times in the past but this pandemic allowed me to attain the workshop online and that too with discount. And believe me this is what i was searching for, a proper structured coaching and very patient coaches like ashish kelkar sir and karan agrawal sir who were more concerned to satisfy themselves about what they are teaching is communicated in proper manner to the students or not. They have spent extra time than what was scheduled. All queries were solved to the fullest satisfaction of the students, very prompt reply to the same is what i appreciate the most. Support as commited during workshop is also excellent. knowledge, infrastructure they are providing is also very good. In a nutshell i will recommend all the loss making traders and investers to join the KJ group, its a value for money for sure. Thanks a lot , TEAM KJ - PRASHANT B GAIKWAD."


"Dear Kiran Sir and Ashish Sir thank you for arranging online workshop on technical analysis. I am really blessed to have guidance by such an amazing team on technical analysis. They teach technical analysis conducted on extremely authentic way. They also make sure that you have learned all concepts and solve your queries. I used to make mistakes which are made by majority people in share market. So after having a terrible loss it came to my mind that I should take a deep analysis in this field. So I started with watching Kiran Sir's weekly analysis of share market on you tube. Through which I came to know about their online training sessions. The moment I saw that there are training about technical analysis, I immediately applied for one. After completing the training I had a major come back of confidence which I probably lost after bearing so much of loss. Also I learned to have DISCIPLINE while trading in the Share Market. Lastly I would like to say that your whole team is a great inspiration and is also giving me great potential to have DISCIPLINE."

Smita Konde

"Many days i was looking for the best trainer , teacher and someone who will teach us all basis rules of stock market,i tried webinars ,youtube videos but the teaching of ground level given by Ashish Sir, karan sir is really hatsoff.I really liked the way they are educating people in financial markets.After this training my confusion where & how to begin was gone and very calmly and patiently i started to analyze each stock the way i am was told in training by ashish sir and mind it it really works for you a lot...Big Thankyou to Kiran sir too and its team ...JITENDRA SHAH"

Jitendra Shah

"I attended last training program & my technical analysis funda has been cleared . I get a clear view how price talks .The trainer is so much transparent & giving fulltime support."

Milan Sahu

"Before Webinar I was having only basic Knowledge and don't have technical knowledge , how to read Charts and How to book profit and loss.. This Webinar help me lot to improve my knowledge in where to invest and where not... Now I am more Confident ... I Became a ARJUN..Thanks , Ashish Kelkar Sir"

Hemant Chavan

"The workshop is very real , they teach technical analysis from the basics and are very real with you. Extremely authentic in what they preach and teach and a real picture of stock trading is taught. They also make sure you have learned all concepts and will solve any query."

Parth Pradhan

"Dear Ashish Sir, I wanted to feedback on the Technical Analysis Workshop held by you under Batch No.1271 - Sept. 20. It was a totally brilliant Assertiveness Technical Analysis Training Course I attended so far. Certainly it will change my career in Stock Market and will make me free from my Job. Very informative, really made me to think about possible scenarios in the stock market. It was a eye-opening programme which taught me about how do a Technical Analysis of a stock. Also thanks for for the opportunity to discuss issues openly and honestly without any prejudice really appreciated."

Santosh Pandey

"Little Learning is a dangerous thing' , this phrase I heard so many times since my childhood, but when it's was my turn to share market I forgot completely & due to which I made losses as of now. Before attending the workshop of 'Basic to Advance Technical Analysis- September 2020 Batch' by Ashish Sirji I was little skeptical whether I could able to understand the complicated subject. But after experiencing one of the finest & best professional training in my life, I agreed that it's an eye-opener for me & strongly recommend to all of the people who wish to make money by investing. My message for everyone is 'Don't let yourself to become 98% of the people who loose money in market, but raise yourself in the top 2% who are making money always ..... and to do so attending this workshop is the best investment in my opinion'. Thanks Ashish Sirji & kiran Sirji for this wonderful session & gave us the opportunity to learn & build dream future in share market. Moreover operation support is also extremely good I should say. I would like to be in touch with KJ&Team for lifetime, who will handhold & uplift me to fulfill me financial dream.Eventually, I strongly recommend everyone should attend this workshop who are interested in investing.Thanking You"

Sovan Paul

"This is the training program I would insist everyone to pursue because after attending this workshop my concept towards stock market has changed. Every investor should get insight of 'Dos and Donts' of market and Kiran Jadhav and associates are the ones' who will help you achieve that. I would like to thank Mr. Ashish making learning so easy that every concept of theory and practical deeply soaked into my brain and absorbed all the basics he taught us. Once again thanks Ashishji an K&J associates."

Vishal Kharod

"Very interactive, very good material, very well presented and put together. This has more than met my expectations. Ashish Kelkar Sir was very honest in his presentation, made it real by sharing reality of share market. I will surely recommend this Technical Analysis Webinar to all my colleague & friends. Thanks a lot Ashish Sir & Team."

Amit Parkhe

"Hello Everyone, I have done basic advanced technical analysis last week. Firstly, I would like to Thank Mr. Ashish Kelkar and Mr. Kiran Jadhav for scheduling such an informative workshop. The way Mr. Ashish Kelkar taught the chart patterns to us, it was amazing. He cleared almost all the doubts of each and every participant so patiently with a great enthusiasm and smiley face in an easy language. Kiran Jadhav and Associates provide lifetime support to us, this is unbelievable in today's market. I am experiencing this unbelievable support system. This is an Eye Opener course for me. After completing the course I am feeling very sad for me that after 2 years spent in the share market I attended this workshop. If I could have done this course before in my initial stage, I could avoid losses and unnecessary mental stress. Guys, I strongly recommend this course to every person who is interested in earning money from the share market. "

Pravin Kate

"Dear Kiran sir and Ashish sir, Thank you for arranging a online workshop on Technical Analysis during the lockdown. I was long awaiting to join this workshop. We will never forget the learning's we got from this workshop. Techniques which you have taught are unique and we have thoroughly understood it only because of rigorous practice which Ashish sir has got it done from all the participants. I appreciate the teaching skills of Ashish sir. I am regularly practicing these technique and got very good results of my studies. I am also forwarding my studies on the student support email id provided to us during training session and getting timely feedback. All the best to your organization .. I am also planning to join the other workshops soon."

Swati Dharmadhikari

"First of all many thanks to Ashishji and Kiranji for wonderful program on Technical analysis. The course content has been designed very effectively. It starts with very basics and takes you step by step to next level and the next level and so on. Ashishji literally ensures that while we move to next level, everyone in the group is at certain desired levels. He does this handholding so beautifully that by the end the teachings of the course, the participants are able to imply those techniques independently thereafter. Secondly the course design and the methodology enables everyone be it experienced or inexperienced, young and old, technical or non technical person background, they all are at a same platform at the end of the course. Lastly, the patience, deep understanding, knowledge and passion for the field exhibited by Ashishji stands out remarkably. My best wishes to entire team of Kiran Jadhav Associates !!!!"

Akhilesh Shukla

"I attended the training session this early this month. I think the cours content which they have is very good. It gives us detail insight on stock market. The best thing which was noticed was that there was no compromise on quality. They were not rushing with the content. Every concept was explained in detail and every question was answered accordingly. We had session for 2 days, but as the course was not over they continued for further 4 days without charging extra. This shows the dedication of the team. The membership details were explained to us, but nobody forced us to subscribe for membership. The support was superb and I received replies for my studies sent. Please understand friends, this is stock market which is highly volatile. It does not operate in isolation. There are lot of factors which affect the share price and performance. It is not good to blame anybody for your losses. They are only guiding us so that we do not take a wrong decision. Some things are not in their hands also. It is ultimately us who take the trade. It was very nice time working with them."

Siddesh Juvekar

"Recently attended Option Trading Workshop under Shree J R Mehta Sir, An eye opener experience with him, a kind and friendly person, a successful trader himself, shared with us his valued experience, knowledge and guidance, for our better future as trader. I Wish him all the best in his life. Best Regards, Harish Rijhwani"

Harish Rijhwani

"The teaching is in simple terms. They teach you again and again until and unless your doubts are clean and clear. They give you life time support and are always there when you stuck in any problem (except monetary..haha...) Nice experience.."

Shashi Agarwal

Attended two days Modified Technical Analysis workshop at Delhi. In the past I have attended some other Courses, Seminars and Workshops on the subject but this one was amazing. My heartiest Congratulations to Mr. Kiran Jadhav and associates for their endeavor of educating common people about the intricacies and nuances of the subject in particular and about stock markets and financial planning in general. Hats off to Mr. Ashish Kelkar, the awesome trainer who conducted the workshop in a very professional way. Even the difficult concepts(earlier were Latin to me ) were presented so lucidly that it was home immediately. The course was so well planned and designed that by the concluding session, the entire class was solving and answering the practicals in a chorus. Mr. Kelkar used ASDs very effectively and is now a kind of celebrity for us. If I may use a Hindi Phrase for the workshop than it was "Gagar Mein Sagar". My Special thanks to my R.M., Ms. Monali, who on Mr. Jadhav's advice, insisted on me to attend the workshop. Top to down the management and staff is very courteous, helpful and honest in their dealings. Speaks volumes about the company. Persons like me will look forward to many more such illuminating and educating workshops. I am beholden. Best wishes and hoping to grow together.

Manpreet Singh

The experience in the workshop was awesome and it was an eye opener for all of us specially those who had made a loss in stock market. Now, a no. of myths of stock market has broken, my thought process has changed because in workshop I unlearned a no. of things while learning the technical analysis and PIS Strategy. "You cannot believe the power of technical analysis until you attend a workshop from PIS trained faculty." Personally, I have made a huge loss in Future and Option trading which I played without knowledge and emotion full trading, now learned a lot and believe that by doing regular practice I can sharpen and convert my learning to a skill and ultimately able to start making money. Must and must attend recommendation to every investor who want to make money from stock market. Thanks Kiran Sir and Mayur Sir.

Mahendra Singh Negi

1. I Mr C.P. singh, is one of the participant in technical analysis workshop' held on 05th &06th March 2016 at Hotel Aurora Tower. It is here to mention that the way Mr. Mayur Shanbhag taught very basic to advance in the workshop on the technical analysis which is commendable and appreciable. Also taken practical's of various companies with eleven vital parameters, whether to trade or away from share market to lose the hard earned money, which is also very much useful in trading. He is very energetic and knowledgeable and according to me, he is asset to the M/s Precision Investment Service Pune. 2. I am also thankful to Shri Kiran Jadhav chairperson of " M/s 'Precision Investment Service Pune '', for sharing his view and his past experiences on stock market and also replied all the questions put to him during the end of workshop by the participant satisfactorily . 3. Last but not least , i am grateful to M/s Precision Investment Services for educating and developing number of participants in the trading field and also providing life time support.

C P Singh

Dear Sir, I am happy & satisfied for the achievement in the 2 day training program. I achieved a lot, most important basic requirements which are to be followed. This was very important to know before start. Earlier, I & my wife have tried a few transactions in the name of my wife, Smita; but realized that, it was not my cup of tea; so, stopped. I do not know what was the investment & what is its current status. Really! But now, I am going to get its today's status soon. Also, I will find out what has happened to Demat Account. Once again, I am thankful to you for most rare guidance. Also, please convey my regards to Mr. Mayur whose representation was strong & confident.

Pramod Athalye

Dear Kiran Sir, Attended your Technical Analysis Workshop "The Art of Making Money" on 6th & 7th February 2016, conducted by Ketan Sir. I can easily describe as one of the most interesting insight I could gather of the Secondary Market after a long time and that too in spite of me being in the industry for over two decades. I am now on my own doing Software Consultancy, but in the past, I have been part of the Financial Sector and worked in the capacity of AVP I.T. in Birla Sun Life AMC first and then as C.T.O. at ASK Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd. (Wealth Management). I did have a lot of insight to the Stock selection, but the price movements of stock was always a mystery to me. Unfortunately, I also could not use the information for trading as there were Compliance that I had to adhere to as an employee. With this Course I get great amount of clarity of how the stock price actually behaves irrespective of the situations around it. Will keep in touch with you and also would like you to review my portfolio some time in future. It is amazing to know how transparently you all work and spread the knowledge and expertise for large part of the community to rip the benefit. Best wishes as you progress in your endeavour.

Godwin Fernandes

I have attended your TA program on 9th and 10th jan 2016 at mumbai it was an excellent experience to attend this session, because of which i have managed to clear the issues i was facing and got to focus of what i wanted to invest in, because of lack of experience and knowledge about share trading i have faced lot of loss in share trading, because of your training session i have got sufficient confidence to enter the share trading once again with your guidence, i am interested to get the membership of PIS. please let me know as soon as possible.

Vasudev Shirvalkar

The Technical Analysis program designed by PIS is simply superb & efficient. It simplifies, to a large extent, the complex world of equities for common investors. Almost 50% of the program on practicals is an excellent proposition for the dry subject of technical analysis. The program design is well coupled with program delivery. Mr. Jignesh Mehta is one of the best trainers I have ever come across. I being an HR professional have had experience with many trainers. But Mr. Jignesh is certainly a class apart facilitator. He empathizes with the participants and maximizes participation by bringing examples from daily life into discussion. Never ever for a moment during two days, I felt bored. After attending the program, I realized the importance of need and courage required to book loss. I also developed better understanding of discipline (watch & wait) and need for having well-defined compartments of stocks. I will not book the profits now on unless trailing stop loss method indicates. I will enter the stock only if there is a clear price pattern. I have already stopped looking at tips and television. I would also consider repeating the program after about 4 months, after implementing what I have learned, to make sure that I become an investor and not a short term trader. Thanks Jignesh, Kiran, and the entire PIS team.

Ketan Bhatt

I am Rohit from Bangalore, Attended your workshop on Technical Analysis on April 2015. I am writing this mail as a humble note of appreciation for the quality of teaching you have provided us on Indian share market and Technical Analysis by Ashish Sir. I have been trading for last 4 years out of that 3 years i had spent on learning how to choose right stock, The entry and exit points and many things as per to markets. Gone through many books, blogs and searched many sites to get the right knowledge. But known of them were giving me right knowledge. After completing your 2 day workshop on technical analysis i started working upon all my previous trades which had ended up in loosing capital, By using your technique i found that all my previous trades were wrongly executed. Your education on technical analysis helped me a lot for learning how to be "Disciplined and Focused". I must say it was life changing 2 days of my life and really appreciate Ashish Sir for giving us "Right Knowledge" on Trading. He was really very polite and helpful throughout the seminar. Kiran Sir you should certainly feel proud of such personalities, Who can bring in goodwill for the company and for the common people like me. I am looking forward to attend the workshop on FNO by Ashish Sir in Bangalore, And very soon i would be applying to become membership of Precision Investment Services. Kiran sir i appreciate the way you have trained your staff, You have become mentor of them and certainly they have become mentor of mine. Keep up the good work, Once again thank you for the good service and I wish the company a lot of success.

Mr. Rohit

I attended Sat / Sun Share Market Trading seminar arranged by Precision Investment Services of Kiran Jadhav and show conducted Ashish Kelkar 8th and 9th Feb, 2014. I have all the praise for both Kiran and Ashish and Strongly Recommend to Do that to anybody wishing to Invest in Equity Market for Profit. To understand why I am recommending PIS seminar, you need to know what I have undergone in my past trading years in Stock Market. Though it is very interesting, full of thrills and variety of rich experiences, I have made no profit ( saying I made loss ???? ???? ???? ?? | ), brokers and ???? ????? made few millions. I Bought and read plenty books, made my own many Excel Sheets, Strategies spending hours and hours, spent many sleepless nights, did few Tech. Analysis Courses, subscribed Live / EOD charting services, bought Tech. softwares, some costing more than Rs.1 Lac , life as a Day Trader was like living in Gaza, West bank, Syria or Afganistan, still I am not going to narrate my all experiences here, it will bore you and anyway you are not interested in hearing how one ( of so so many ) stupid made losses, though knowing that is very important, so you can avoid those mistakes. ( normally will not happen as in market only intelligent people come, ???? ??????? ??? ????????? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ?? ) In Jan 2014 I had finally drawn line, no more Tech. Seminars. I do it to the best of my own knowledge and ability. Then one of my Welwisher friend called me to tell that there is Free Seminar by Kiran Jadhav at Ganesh Kala Krida in Pune ( I am from Pune ) and I should attend that. I flatly refused it saying I have Drawn Line, No More Tech Seminars. But next day again he called, so keep his respect I agreed and attended. The hall of capacity of 4000 / 5000, it was Upper Circuit Full. I think that was the beginning of change ( for good ????? ???). Then I attended Ashish Kelkar Sat / Sun Seminar. Which I feel is going to be real Game Changer in my Stock Market Trading Life. If you are not in Stock Market to prove how smart and intelligent you are, and If You are in Stock Market to Earn Profit ( Good Profit ), Patiently, Steadily, with Peace of Mind, even if you are already in Market for many years and you have made profit, I Will Still Insist Please Do Ashish Kelkar Sat / Sun Seminar. If you feel you wasted 2 days after doing that seminar, I will catch your feet and say Sorry. What he will teach you there ? I do not wish to say anything, please experience it from the horse himself. Bull Train has already Left Kanyakumari for Pathankot, Board it soonest, at Pathankot all in PIS Bogie, PIS will guide you to get down and all will come back home by plane, all continuing the journey will go to Kabul with train and come back walking. My Best Wishes For All Those Who All Do the Seminar.

Mr. Yogesh Abhyankar

It was really a wonderful experience to attend the class in february. I am a engineering professional & have attended several training's in the past 24 years. This training was unique in a way.The entire methodology ,arrangement,presentation,knowledge of the trainer was beyond expectations and was a true customer delight in our terminology. I got all the basic concepts clarified & understood the means & ways to make money through technical analysis. Thanks for everything .Keep up the task.Wishing you all the best for your future.


Dear Kiran sir, I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for your support. The stocks suggested by you are soaring!! I have tried many analysts in past but since my association with PIS in Sept 2013, I have not even looked at other options. When everyone was predicting of nifty going south way, you announced in a big event that markets will be positive. That's the courage and the confidence. Moreover, I appreciate your discipline (in markets and even in administration viz - starting events in time) which makes you more trustworthy. Thanks once again! Amazing analysis.

Mangesh Gholkar

Mr Kiran Jadhav's approach to stock market is very different and unique. The takeaways I have received from Mr Kiran Jadhav are very precious and it help's an individual to shape up his /her approach to invest/trade in stocks. I underwent training under Mr Kiran Jadhav in 2010 and was amazed to hear and understand for the first time that there are certain attributes like Position Sizing, Risk Reward Ratio and Most importantly patience which are very important virtues to succeed in equity investing. Even though money making is paramount to equity investments, Mr Kiran Jadhav's insistence on always protecting the capital acts as a protective shield to all of us. International Statistics point out that even the best of the traders are successful only 50%. Hence with a proper approach and with the right stop loss and Risk Reward Ratio in place I am very sure that we are in the right direction under the able stewardship of Mr Kiran Jadhav in our endeavour to succeed in stock markets.

N. Narayan

I am really lucky because Kiran Sir personally given me his valuable guidance during Technical Analysis Course conducted on 3rd & 4th August 2013 & after that also. When I adopted the Strategy of Kiran Sir after attending this course, my portfolio is up by 50 % only in six months. Kiran Sir has made all complicated things such a simple way in this strategy , that even beginner in the stock market can learn & understand it easily without any confusion. With the help of this proven strategy my investment decision making ability 100 % improved & now I have no fear of any risk while investing in the stock market. I recommend if everyone adopt the shield of this wonderful strategy & follow all the rules strictly given by Kiran Sir, we will definitely make money in the Stock Market which is our prime object.