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Sunil Dani



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Attended two days Modified Technical Analysis workshop at Delhi. In the past I have attended some other Courses, Seminars and Workshops on the subject but this one was amazing. My heartiest Congratulations to Mr. Kiran Jadhav and associates for their endeavor of educating common people about the intricacies and nuances of the subject in particular and about stock markets and financial planning in general. Hats off to Mr. Ashish Kelkar, the awesome trainer who conducted the workshop in a very professional way. Even the difficult concepts(earlier were Latin to me ) were presented so lucidly that it was home immediately. The course was so well planned and designed that by the concluding session, the entire class was solving and answering the practicals in a chorus. Mr. Kelkar used ASDs very effectively and is now a kind of celebrity for us. If I may use a Hindi Phrase for the workshop than it was "Gagar Mein Sagar". My Special thanks to my R.M., Ms. Monali, who on Mr. Jadhav's advice, insisted on me to attend the workshop. Top to down the management and staff is very courteous, helpful and honest in their dealings. Speaks volumes about the company. Persons like me will look forward to many more such illuminating and educating workshops. I am beholden. Best wishes and hoping to grow together.

Manpreet Singh

The experience in the workshop was awesome and it was an eye opener for all of us specially those who had made a loss in stock market. Now, a no. of myths of stock market has broken, my thought process has changed because in workshop I unlearned a no. of things while learning the technical analysis and PIS Strategy. "You cannot believe the power of technical analysis until you attend a workshop from PIS trained faculty." Personally, I have made a huge loss in Future and Option trading which I played without knowledge and emotion full trading, now learned a lot and believe that by doing regular practice I can sharpen and convert my learning to a skill and ultimately able to start making money. Must and must attend recommendation to every investor who want to make money from stock market. Thanks Kiran Sir and Mayur Sir.

Mahendra Singh Negi

1. I Mr C.P. singh, is one of the participant in technical analysis workshop' held on 05th &06th March 2016 at Hotel Aurora Tower. It is here to mention that the way Mr. Mayur Shanbhag taught very basic to advance in the workshop on the technical analysis which is commendable and appreciable. Also taken practical's of various companies with eleven vital parameters, whether to trade or away from share market to lose the hard earned money, which is also very much useful in trading. He is very energetic and knowledgeable and according to me, he is asset to the M/s Precision Investment Service Pune. 2. I am also thankful to Shri Kiran Jadhav chairperson of " M/s 'Precision Investment Service Pune '', for sharing his view and his past experiences on stock market and also replied all the questions put to him during the end of workshop by the participant satisfactorily . 3. Last but not least , i am grateful to M/s Precision Investment Services for educating and developing number of participants in the trading field and also providing life time support.

C P Singh

Dear Sir, I am happy & satisfied for the achievement in the 2 day training program. I achieved a lot, most important basic requirements which are to be followed. This was very important to know before start. Earlier, I & my wife have tried a few transactions in the name of my wife, Smita; but realized that, it was not my cup of tea; so, stopped. I do not know what was the investment & what is its current status. Really! But now, I am going to get its today's status soon. Also, I will find out what has happened to Demat Account. Once again, I am thankful to you for most rare guidance. Also, please convey my regards to Mr. Mayur whose representation was strong & confident.

Pramod Athalye

Dear Kiran Sir, Attended your Technical Analysis Workshop "The Art of Making Money" on 6th & 7th February 2016, conducted by Ketan Sir. I can easily describe as one of the most interesting insight I could gather of the Secondary Market after a long time and that too in spite of me being in the industry for over two decades. I am now on my own doing Software Consultancy, but in the past, I have been part of the Financial Sector and worked in the capacity of AVP I.T. in Birla Sun Life AMC first and then as C.T.O. at ASK Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd. (Wealth Management). I did have a lot of insight to the Stock selection, but the price movements of stock was always a mystery to me. Unfortunately, I also could not use the information for trading as there were Compliance that I had to adhere to as an employee. With this Course I get great amount of clarity of how the stock price actually behaves irrespective of the situations around it. Will keep in touch with you and also would like you to review my portfolio some time in future. It is amazing to know how transparently you all work and spread the knowledge and expertise for large part of the community to rip the benefit. Best wishes as you progress in your endeavour.

Godwin Fernandes

I have attended your TA program on 9th and 10th jan 2016 at mumbai it was an excellent experience to attend this session, because of which i have managed to clear the issues i was facing and got to focus of what i wanted to invest in, because of lack of experience and knowledge about share trading i have faced lot of loss in share trading, because of your training session i have got sufficient confidence to enter the share trading once again with your guidence, i am interested to get the membership of PIS. please let me know as soon as possible.

Vasudev Shirvalkar

The Technical Analysis program designed by PIS is simply superb & efficient. It simplifies, to a large extent, the complex world of equities for common investors. Almost 50% of the program on practicals is an excellent proposition for the dry subject of technical analysis. The program design is well coupled with program delivery. Mr. Jignesh Mehta is one of the best trainers I have ever come across. I being an HR professional have had experience with many trainers. But Mr. Jignesh is certainly a class apart facilitator. He empathizes with the participants and maximizes participation by bringing examples from daily life into discussion. Never ever for a moment during two days, I felt bored. After attending the program, I realized the importance of need and courage required to book loss. I also developed better understanding of discipline (watch & wait) and need for having well-defined compartments of stocks. I will not book the profits now on unless trailing stop loss method indicates. I will enter the stock only if there is a clear price pattern. I have already stopped looking at tips and television. I would also consider repeating the program after about 4 months, after implementing what I have learned, to make sure that I become an investor and not a short term trader. Thanks Jignesh, Kiran, and the entire PIS team.

Ketan Bhatt

I am Rohit from Bangalore, Attended your workshop on Technical Analysis on April 2015. I am writing this mail as a humble note of appreciation for the quality of teaching you have provided us on Indian share market and Technical Analysis by Ashish Sir. I have been trading for last 4 years out of that 3 years i had spent on learning how to choose right stock, The entry and exit points and many things as per to markets. Gone through many books, blogs and searched many sites to get the right knowledge. But known of them were giving me right knowledge. After completing your 2 day workshop on technical analysis i started working upon all my previous trades which had ended up in loosing capital, By using your technique i found that all my previous trades were wrongly executed. Your education on technical analysis helped me a lot for learning how to be "Disciplined and Focused". I must say it was life changing 2 days of my life and really appreciate Ashish Sir for giving us "Right Knowledge" on Trading. He was really very polite and helpful throughout the seminar. Kiran Sir you should certainly feel proud of such personalities, Who can bring in goodwill for the company and for the common people like me. I am looking forward to attend the workshop on FNO by Ashish Sir in Bangalore, And very soon i would be applying to become membership of Precision Investment Services. Kiran sir i appreciate the way you have trained your staff, You have become mentor of them and certainly they have become mentor of mine. Keep up the good work, Once again thank you for the good service and I wish the company a lot of success.

Mr. Rohit

I attended Sat / Sun Share Market Trading seminar arranged by Precision Investment Services of Kiran Jadhav and show conducted Ashish Kelkar 8th and 9th Feb, 2014. I have all the praise for both Kiran and Ashish and Strongly Recommend to Do that to anybody wishing to Invest in Equity Market for Profit. To understand why I am recommending PIS seminar, you need to know what I have undergone in my past trading years in Stock Market. Though it is very interesting, full of thrills and variety of rich experiences, I have made no profit ( saying I made loss ???? ???? ???? ?? | ), brokers and ???? ????? made few millions. I Bought and read plenty books, made my own many Excel Sheets, Strategies spending hours and hours, spent many sleepless nights, did few Tech. Analysis Courses, subscribed Live / EOD charting services, bought Tech. softwares, some costing more than Rs.1 Lac , life as a Day Trader was like living in Gaza, West bank, Syria or Afganistan, still I am not going to narrate my all experiences here, it will bore you and anyway you are not interested in hearing how one ( of so so many ) stupid made losses, though knowing that is very important, so you can avoid those mistakes. ( normally will not happen as in market only intelligent people come, ???? ??????? ??? ????????? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ?? ) In Jan 2014 I had finally drawn line, no more Tech. Seminars. I do it to the best of my own knowledge and ability. Then one of my Welwisher friend called me to tell that there is Free Seminar by Kiran Jadhav at Ganesh Kala Krida in Pune ( I am from Pune ) and I should attend that. I flatly refused it saying I have Drawn Line, No More Tech Seminars. But next day again he called, so keep his respect I agreed and attended. The hall of capacity of 4000 / 5000, it was Upper Circuit Full. I think that was the beginning of change ( for good ????? ???). Then I attended Ashish Kelkar Sat / Sun Seminar. Which I feel is going to be real Game Changer in my Stock Market Trading Life. If you are not in Stock Market to prove how smart and intelligent you are, and If You are in Stock Market to Earn Profit ( Good Profit ), Patiently, Steadily, with Peace of Mind, even if you are already in Market for many years and you have made profit, I Will Still Insist Please Do Ashish Kelkar Sat / Sun Seminar. If you feel you wasted 2 days after doing that seminar, I will catch your feet and say Sorry. What he will teach you there ? I do not wish to say anything, please experience it from the horse himself. Bull Train has already Left Kanyakumari for Pathankot, Board it soonest, at Pathankot all in PIS Bogie, PIS will guide you to get down and all will come back home by plane, all continuing the journey will go to Kabul with train and come back walking. My Best Wishes For All Those Who All Do the Seminar.

Mr. Yogesh Abhyankar

It was really a wonderful experience to attend the class in february. I am a engineering professional & have attended several training's in the past 24 years. This training was unique in a way.The entire methodology ,arrangement,presentation,knowledge of the trainer was beyond expectations and was a true customer delight in our terminology. I got all the basic concepts clarified & understood the means & ways to make money through technical analysis. Thanks for everything .Keep up the task.Wishing you all the best for your future.


Dear Kiran sir, I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for your support. The stocks suggested by you are soaring!! I have tried many analysts in past but since my association with PIS in Sept 2013, I have not even looked at other options. When everyone was predicting of nifty going south way, you announced in a big event that markets will be positive. That's the courage and the confidence. Moreover, I appreciate your discipline (in markets and even in administration viz - starting events in time) which makes you more trustworthy. Thanks once again! Amazing analysis.

Mangesh Gholkar

Mr Kiran Jadhav's approach to stock market is very different and unique. The takeaways I have received from Mr Kiran Jadhav are very precious and it help's an individual to shape up his /her approach to invest/trade in stocks. I underwent training under Mr Kiran Jadhav in 2010 and was amazed to hear and understand for the first time that there are certain attributes like Position Sizing, Risk Reward Ratio and Most importantly patience which are very important virtues to succeed in equity investing. Even though money making is paramount to equity investments, Mr Kiran Jadhav's insistence on always protecting the capital acts as a protective shield to all of us. International Statistics point out that even the best of the traders are successful only 50%. Hence with a proper approach and with the right stop loss and Risk Reward Ratio in place I am very sure that we are in the right direction under the able stewardship of Mr Kiran Jadhav in our endeavour to succeed in stock markets.

N. Narayan

I am really lucky because Kiran Sir personally given me his valuable guidance during Technical Analysis Course conducted on 3rd & 4th August 2013 & after that also. When I adopted the Strategy of Kiran Sir after attending this course, my portfolio is up by 50 % only in six months. Kiran Sir has made all complicated things such a simple way in this strategy , that even beginner in the stock market can learn & understand it easily without any confusion. With the help of this proven strategy my investment decision making ability 100 % improved & now I have no fear of any risk while investing in the stock market. I recommend if everyone adopt the shield of this wonderful strategy & follow all the rules strictly given by Kiran Sir, we will definitely make money in the Stock Market which is our prime object.